Your workplace can get messy and disorganized quickly. That messiness can make it hard for you to find what you are looking for and stay organized, and may even cause you to feel a bit overwhelmed. Whether your workplace messiness happens daily or gradually over time, having a standard method of organizing and decluttering your office or workspace will help get your space straightened out quickly and efficiently. Let’s take a look at how to declutter your workplace.

To Declutter your Workplace, Start by Eliminating

Eliminating unneeded papers, envelopes, and old notes from your work area is a great place to start. Get rid of unnecessary paperwork by filing, tossing, or scanning into your computer system, and then recycle it to free up space in your office area.

Are you decluttering a childcare facility? Pick out old, unused, or worn items, and donate them or toss. Make a habit of tossing trash or debris that’s accumulated during each workday, too.

If your workplace is a restaurant or bar, and you want to organize and cut down on any mess you have in your kitchen work areas, start by eliminating worn out or broken kitchen tools and supplies. Remove items that aren’t being used anymore and send it to donation or the trash. Weed out any stored seasonings or ingredients that aren’t used or have become old over time, and you’ll start to see more space open up.

The first step in decluttering your workplace is removing nonessential items. This will free up space and instantly help create an area that is less distracting.

Designate a Spot for Everything at Work

Once you have gone through your clutter and made some space in your work space, you want to plan a spot for everything. Consider bins and file folders to house your paper or other work supplies, and designate a specific spot for each. Try to make a location that’s easily accessed for things you need most frequently, and store less used items where you can locate them but they are out of the way.

A good labeling system provides easy access to all your necessary incidentals. Color coding of labels or bins can help with your organizing system as well. These steps will help organize your work areas and help them stay organized as well.

Benefits to a Clean Workplace

A messy workspace can distract you from your work and the projects at hand. Clutter gets in your way and creates a disturbance in the workflow of the day. You can get a lot more done when a workstation or office is organized and decluttered. An organized work area gives peace of mind with less tension to work in cluttered surroundings. And that can only be a good thing!

Declutter Your Workspace Routinely

After each work shift or workday, take a few minutes to review your workspace and put away everything you can in its designated place. Toss any unnecessary paperwork or debris that piled up on desks and tables.

Consider a checklist if the regular clean up requires specific steps. Perhaps following a schedule or daily timeline is necessary to keep your workspace looking its best, too. Whatever plan you follow, the goal is to keep your work environment decluttered, looking good, and providing a productive place to do business for your staff and your clientele.

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