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In high-traffic facilities, cleaning can’t wait. Ensure the health and safety of your customers, residents and employees with continuous attention provided by our day porter services.

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A Comprehensively Clean Workspace

Thorough cleaning — and frequent disinfecting — is more important than ever. Our well-trained, reliable and uniformed technicians work onsite throughout the day to provide continuous janitorial and day porter services where and when you need it most.

Day porter services provide your facility constant, comprehensive cleaning, helping clear the way for better health and sanitation. 

Day Porter Services target high-traffic areas of your business

Disinfecting Shouldn’t Wait Until After Hours

Our dedicated technicians will work during business hours to provide constant support to your facility. Demonstrate your commitment to clean and provide comfort to visitors and employees alike by utilizing day porter services.

By targeting high traffic areas and touch points, day porters help stop disease spread and keep your stakeholders healthy. Maintaining a safe environment enables staff to get back to work or stay at work, especially during flu season or virus outbreaks.


Day Porter Services For Your Facility

Keep your facility clean and comfortable with visible, yet discreet, day porters. Enhance cleanliness and elevate the expectations of facility staff, visitors, and customers.

On-site Day Porter duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Sanitizing high traffic touch areas such as light switches, handrails, elevator buttons, door handles and entryway doors
  • Sweeping and mopping high traffic floors, especially during inclement weather
  • Disinfecting and restocking coffee stations and break rooms
  • Removing trash from restroom and public area receptacles
  • Monitoring entryways and disinfecting exterior doors
  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms
  • Restocking consumable products

True Partnership Equals Results

Think of day porters as an extension of your team. Our technicians work seamlessly with your facilities operations teams to support your overall maintenance program.

  • Trust is key. We take care of cleaning so you can focus on other things.
  • We ensure the technicians assigned to your facility are a good fit for your environment.
  • Technicians are professional and presentable from start to finish.

Our day porters have passed background checks so they are well-suited to support any environment, even high security or sensitive facilities such as banks, data centers and medical facilities.

Day porter cleaning technicians work with your operations team

Invest in Your Facility for the Long Run

Small issues today become costly problems tomorrow. Day Porters can quickly identify any issues that need addressing to save both time and money.

Unsightly messes could become long-term eyesores and may lead to costly replacement down the line:

  • Coffee spills or food stains on carpets or floors
  • Buildup on kitchen or restroom sinks and counters
  • Spillage on wood surfaces

Addressing these when they happen keeps your workspace sightly and prevents long-term damages.

A day porter can address spills and messes when they happen

Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible are Day Porter hours and services?

No two facilities are alike. Our Day Porter services are fully customizable and we design a comprehensive program best suited to your needs and concerns.

Do we need to provide cleaning products and equipment?

Clean Method will provide all necessary supplies. We can also source and supply any consumables upon request.

What is the rotation schedule and service frequency throughout the facility?

We work closely with the building manager to set the service scope and route to ensure consistent and frequent coverage of your entire building.
Day porters clean common areas, high touch public spaces, trash disposal, and restrooms

Day Porters Offer a Unique Service

Day porters typically address common areas, high touch public spaces, communal area trash disposal, and restroom maintenance. This service is ideal for multiunit residential communities, office buildings, auto dealerships, schools, and high security facilities that do not allow access after working hours.

Janitorial services are typically done after hours. In addition to all common areas, these services address areas not reached by day porters because they are in use during the day. They access cubicles, offices, conference rooms and reception areas and to disinfect high touch surfaces, collect individual trash, vacuum, and mop floors.

Day porters work in conjunction with nightly janitorial teams to provide service continuity throughout the entire day.

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Keep it Clean, Day In and Day Out.

Germs don’t take a day off — and neither do we. Day porters ensure whoever comes through your doors experiences a consistent clean.

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