When cleaning a bar or pub, it’s all in the details and making sure to do a thorough job sanitizing all the hard surfaces and touched areas. As a high trafficked area with food, drinks, and customers, bars and pubs are prone to get dirty, sticky, and down right sloppy if not cleaned on a regular basis. Areas to address in your bar can be as basic as keeping hard surfaces like tables, chairs, and countertops wiped and polished, to more detailed cleaning like chair backs and foot rails at the bar. Below you’ll find our bar and pub cleaning checklist which details how to approach your bar cleaning for a sparkling finish you’re proud to invite your guests to enjoy.

Cleaning the Front of Bar

The front of the bar is where your clientele is going to spend the most time. This is where they are going to experience either a dirty or clean bar, stools, tables and booths, hand and foot rails, lighting fixtures and switches, mirrors and windows. It seems like a long list of things to clean, but you want to make sure to stay on top of these areas, so you show off an establishment that really shines and is inviting.

Bar and Pub Restrooms

High traffic areas like bar and pub restrooms are always included in a cleaning regimen. Toilets and urinals should be scrubbed and wiped clean, sinks and faucets should also be wiped down with a sanitizing cleaner, and light fixtures, mirrors, light switches and tile walls should be routinely touched up so as to provide a shiny appearance free of spots, fingerprints and germs. Restrooms should be presentable and inviting. We all enjoy a clean facility and it tends to bring a feeling of happiness just walking into a clean restroom.

Cleaning Back of Bar

Sometimes overlooked because your clientele might not easily see it, the back of bar areas should be cleaned on a daily basis as well. Keeping the kitchen and staff areas picked up, clean, and sanitized is highly important to keep illness and germs from spreading from any cooking or eating areas. Staying on top of these back end areas of your bar shouldn’t be left as afterthought, but should be included in your regular schedule to provide a healthy and efficient work space.

Cleaning Bar Floors and Upholstery

The bar floor is especially important to address when cleaning daily. Spills and stains are inevitable in any food and drink establishment. Staying on top of messes on tile, carpeted floors, and upholstery as the day goes on can help prevent slips and falls as well as avoid any long term water damage or make it difficult to remove stains later. Keeping cleaning solutions, stain removers, and mopping supplies on hand is helpful to stay ahead of these issues and tackle them as they arise.

A clean floor will only enhance the professionalism and hospitality of your business to your bar guests. Responding to dirty tile and carpeted floors can be as simple as mopping the tile every day to keep them clean and sanitized, and vacuuming the carpets. Whether it’s just from daily traffic and spills, or wet or snowy weather bringing in dirt and moisture, it’s necessary to do this as part of your daily cleaning schedule. Having a regular carpet cleaning schedule in place will also assist in keeping your establishment smelling nice and looking good.

When it comes to floor mats, rugs, and runners, having a pick up service bring in freshly cleaned floor coverings makes these areas easy to keep clean and looking like new.

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Regular Cleaning of your Bar or Pub

Maintaining a clean bar or pub not only helps ensure a friendly environment, but provides a fun experience for your patrons and their guests. A great way to help keep your bar looking good everyday is to hire a professional cleaning crew. The cleaning staff should be educated on any special sanitizing needs, procedures, and requirements that are involved with having a presence in a food and drink environment. We at Clean Method provide this type of professional cleaning service.

Click here to learn more about our cleaning services for your Bar or Tavern. Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured, and maintains OSHA compliance. We would be happy to care for your bar or pub. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions.

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