Electrostatic & Fogging Disinfecting

Advanced cleaning techniques, such as electrostatic disinfecting, use the latest technology to give a 360-degree clean for challenging three-dimensional surfaces.

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Germs Know No Bounds

Hard-to-reach surfaces harbor dust and germs, increasing the risk for disease spread and grime build-up. Utilize electrostatic and fogging disinfecting to vaporize disinfectants and sanitize every surface.

With the latest technology, you can eradicate germs, viruses, and dirt — protecting against disease spread and improving cleanliness throughout your facility.

Electrostatic disinfecting services performed by Clean Method

What is Electrostatic Disinfecting?

Electrostatic disinfecting (electrostatic cleaning) is a touchless application of chemicals using a cordless handheld machine to efficiently and evenly coat surfaces with a disinfecting solution.

  • Uses molecular chemistry to distribute disinfectants evenly
  • Creates 360-degrees of coverage on applied surfaces
  • Reduces contamination risks and prevents disinfectant drip
  • Disrupts mold or bacterial outbreak colonies

Germs thrive in hard-to-clean environments. Electrostatic disinfecting eliminates germs in areas where contaminants would otherwise survive.

Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfecting:

Covers 360-degrees of applied surfaces
Reduces the risk of cross contamination from touch application processes
Allows for disinfectants to hold cationic charge, preventing dripping
Distributes evenly and allows for required disinfectant dwell times
Reaches hard-to-reach surfaces and spaces to eliminate germs missed by standard spraying and wiping
Uses on average 65% less chemicals per sq ft than standard cleaning

What is Fogging Disinfecting?

Fogging disinfecting releases an even stream of sanitizing droplets into cubic volumes of air in your facilities. These droplets settle into the ubiquitous and unseen cracks and crannies that harbor bacteria and viruses.

  • Emits chargeless molecules from a specialized corded backpack application machine
  • Larger particle sizes efficiently disperse disinfectant solution
  • Reduces allergens and kills disease-causing germs

Fogging disinfecting goes where your staff can’t: the hard-to-reach places in large warehouses or storage facilities — places rarely cleaned by hand.

Get clean … even where you can’t see.

Fogging disinfectant services offered to businesses by Clean Method

Benefits of Fogging Disinfecting:

Treats a cubic volume of air in a space
Reaches hard-to-reach surface areas and spaces
Reduces the risk of cross contamination

The Science Behind Electrostatic Disinfecting

Using complex chemical engineering and molecular relationships, electrostatic disinfecting increases overall coverage to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

  • The electrostatic applicator applies negative charge to disinfecting solution as it leaves the application tool.
  • Charged molecules repel each other and distribute evenly over applied surfaces.
  • The web of charged disinfectant particles, with micron size between 40 to 110 microns, settle into otherwise unreachable areas.

Electrostatic spray technology is an elegantly-engineered solution for the three-dimensional environment.

electrostatic disinfecting increases overall coverage to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and viruses

Electrostatic & Fogging Disinfecting FAQs

How soon can a space be used after an electrostatic and/or fogging disinfecting service?

Spaces can be used an hour after the electrostatic and fogging disinfectant services. We recommend that all personnel vacate the service area during these services and that all air units and fans be shut off until the space is reoccupied.

How often do you recommend the service be conducted?

Electrostatic and fogging services can be conducted as often as required by the site and situation. Medical facilities typically require more frequent services, however during peak flu seasons sensitive facilities (e.g. education centers, sports facilities, etc.) tend to increase their service frequency.

How long does the service last on the treated areas?

The service lasts throughout the chemical dwell time and as long as the space is not reinfected with bacteria and/or viruses. If you think a space becomes reinfected, then we recommend follow-up electrostatic/fogging services.

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