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A restorative deep office cleaning costs an average of 20 to 30 times less than a complete cubicle partition replacement. Protect your investment with cubicle and partition cleaning services.

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Cubicle partitions wear down over time, collecting spilled coffee, splattered lunches, and daily grime. By properly maintaining the fabric inserts and rubber kick plates in your office cubicles and partitions, you prolong the life of panels and your investment in a spotless office environment.

Clean Method’s cubicle and partition cleaning service includes:

  • Cubicle fabric panel vacuuming
  • Encapsulating stain spot treatment
  • High pressure solution cleaning
  • Pressurized vacuum solution extraction
  • Rubber kick plate mark and stain removal

Make your office the envy of the industry.

Scheduled cubicle and partition cleanings extend the life of your cubicles

Scheduled Cubicle Cleaning Improves Results

Omitting cubicle and partition cleaning during routine office maintenance leads to more frequent and expensive restorative services and complete panel replacement.

Instead choose scheduled partition cleaning.

  • Routine removal of surface dust and debris
  • Regular kick plate cleaning to remove shoe scuff marks
  • As-needed surface spot treatment to prevent unsightly stains

Work with a proactive commercial cleaning services provider and catch surface spots before they become stains with a story.

When You Need Restorative Cubicle & Partition Cleaning

Every 9 to 12 months, your office should receive restorative deep office cleaning of cubicles and partitions to remove embedded bacteria, debris, mites and other allergy-inducing materials.

  • Sanitize high-use areas, such as behind cubicle seating areas and in and around trash receptacles.
  • Cleanse partitions with an encapsulating polymer solution.
  • Saturate and extract cleaning solution with high-pressure spray jets.
  • Perform cubicle fabric panel vacuuming and rubber kick plate mark and stain removal.

Schedule this service at convenient times for your facilities and regular operations.

Deep cleaning of your office cubicles and partitions

Cubicle & Partition Cleaning FAQs

Can stains be removed from cubicle partition fabric?

Fresh partition spots can be removed with a high pressure encapsulation cleaning system since the material didn’t have ample time to stain the fabric. The longer any material sits on the fabric the more difficult it is to remove the spot.

Can we use a retail carpet stain remover on partition spots?

We don’t recommend using retail carpet cleaning chemicals on partitions since it may spread the spot to surrounding fabric. Additionally, retail products lack encapsulation properties which may result in a halo effect on the fabric.

How often should office partition and fabric walls be cleaned?

We recommend a restorative deep cleaning once every 9 to 12 months depending upon cubicle use and fabric staining. Proper maintenance cleaning will help prolong the useful life of the partitions and ensure that restorative services are only needed on an annual basis.

Prevent disease with cubicle and partition cleanings

Prevent Disease Spread With Cubicle & Partition Cleaning

As employees and facility tenants seek healthier, safer work environments, you can be part of the solution. Regular deep office cleaning of cubicles and partitions is key to creating a dust-free, germ-free environment.

  • Reduce employee sick days
  • Increase productivity and satisfaction
  • Create a clean environment tenants respect

Help protect employee wellness and facility upkeep with office cleaning services that deliver measurable results.

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