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Committed To Results You Can See

Clean Method is a commercial cleaning company headquartered in the Greater Metro Washington D.C. area and serving businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast. From our Back Office to the Field, we are committed to delivering results you can see. That’s our focus and the driving force behind every hire, every training session, and every business decision.

As a family-owned, non-franchise company, we intentionally nurture a culture of continuous improvement. It’s because of our culture that our people are dedicated to our clients, our processes that ensure quality, and the end results that are evident on every surface, floor, touchpoint, and more.

The commercial cleaning services we offer to businesses of all types include:

  • Recurring janitorial services
  • Day porter support services
  • Carpet and flooring cleaning
  • Electrostatic disinfection
  • Cubicle and partition steam cleaning
  • Construction support cleaning services
  • Windows and frame services

We provide daily cleaning, monthly maintenance, one-time services, and flexible service options, and our employees all have completed rigorous interviews, attended training sessions, and passed multi-tiered background checks.

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The Kind Of People You Want To Work With

Our team works in your facilities. That means something to us. It’s a matter of trust, and one we take seriously. What does that mean? It means we value three things over everything else.


When you call, someone answers or gets back to you right away. There’s no complications. Whether we’re starting a long-term relationship or you need urgent one-time cleaning, we’ll create a plan that fits your goals.


We put the safest, most effective products and the most efficient processes to use. Team members are trained and retrained, staying ahead of the curve. There’s no substitution for doing the job right, every time.


Professionalism means getting the job done. It means anticipating needs. It means adjusting to the big meeting or the next presentation. It means being a part of your team, supporting your health and boosting morale.
Customized commercial cleaning solutions for your business

Your facility is busy. Let’s maximize efficiency.

Your needs are unique, and they are ever-changing. We look at our business through your eyes: what matters most to you and how do we accomplish it.

We work with you to create customized solutions, no matter the challenge. From deploying reliable janitorial night crews to sending in day porters to handle the day-to-day, we find the solution that meets your needs and budgets.

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Declutter your Office and Boost Productivity

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Remove Odors From Office Couches and Other Office Furniture

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