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Keep your building clean and employees or tenants satisfied with commercial janitorial services for every kind of commercial facility.

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Your Latest Office Perk? The Custodians of Clean.

Choose regularly-scheduled or one-time janitorial services delivered by professionally-trained sanitation technicians who arrive uniformed and ready to work.

From dusting to disinfecting, restroom maintenance to steam cleaning, our reliable cleaning professionals deliver tailored commercial janitorial services to your facilities.

What You Get From a Clean Method Partnership

Health-Forward Sanitation Everywhere

Clean surfaces. Clean switches. Consistent sanitation wherever hands touch.

Spotless Public Areas

Where your customers and clients will notice your commitment to professionalism.

Attention To Allergies

Dusting and cleaning surfaces, fans, blinds, and anywhere allergenic materials gather.

General Tidiness

Empty waste bins, swept floors, and dusted surfaces make a difference.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Some workspaces take a beating. We pay special attention to high traffic areas.

Indoor and Outdoor Excellence

What’s outside matters. We’ll check exteriors for debris to keep your area clean.

A Daily Commitment to Health and Sanitation

Health. Safety. Security. As we adjust to new ways of working, these are what matter most to your employees, your customers, students, and even to regulators and inspectors. 

It’s what matters most to us. That’s why we use EPA-approved disinfectants to kill harmful bacteria and combat disease spread.

Cleanliness and sanitation are more important than ever. They impact how your business is run. They improve attendance. They help get people back in your doors and keep them there. Our janitorial services protect what matters most. 


Measured Results To Ensure True Cleanliness

How do we make sure you keep clean?

Random testing of surfaces for bacteria shows what is working, and what needs to be improved. This saves building owners time, money, and keeps tenants happy.

    Janitorial services for businesses in MD, DC, and VA

    Janitorial Technicians Who Are An Extension of Your Team

    At Clean Method, we pride ourselves on the quality of our team.

    Our skilled professionals are highly-trained in the newest techniques. They have the latest equipment and they know how to respond to any situation.

    More than that, they are responsive to your needs. Your workspace janitorial needs can change. Every day might be different. But the end result needs to be the same. That’s the level of service we promise. We’ll work as hard as you do, every day. 

    Janitorial Service FAQs

    When are Janitorial Services typically performed?

    Building and office managers usually prefer janitorial services be performed after business hours to ensure a comprehensive sweep of the facility. No matter your business hours, we work around your schedule. We also offer Day Porter Services if you’d prefer janitorial services on site during the day.

    Can you accommodate a requested change in scope after services have started?

    It’s important that the services performed are the right fit for your environment and we know needs change over time. If services need to change, we work with you to implement them quickly to ensure there is no disruption in service.

    Are Cleaning Technicians specially trained for work in medical and other sensitive facilities?

    Our technicians are trained in safety procedures that adhere to OSHA standards and in products specifically for use in medical centers and clinics. All technicians pass background checks for work in high-security and sensitive facilities like data centers.

    Building A Custom Janitorial Services Solution

    No two spaces are alike. That’s why we offer a variety of personalized, flexible janitorial services that meet the needs of your unique space.

    • Create a custom janitorial service for your space.
    • Choose regularly-scheduled or one-time cleaning appointments.
    • Trust trained staff that have passed extensive background checks.
    • Rely on fully trained, reliable, uniformed technicians who treat your facility with care and respect.

    Room-by-room, top-to-bottom, we scrub, clean, and sanitize to create a pristine, spotless environment for everyone to use.

    Flexible, custom janitorial schedule for your cleaning needs

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    When People Demand Cleanliness, Demand The Best.

    Everyone who counts on you counts on top-notch janitorial services. 

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