Cleaning a child care center means cleaning, organizing, and sanitizing on a daily basis. When it comes to any type of child care facility, the cleaning should be top-notch and completed often to avoid germs from spreading and messes turning into bigger problems. Not to mention you want a space that looks nice and inviting, and not unsightly or unsanitary from a parent perspective.

Daily Cleaning and Sanitization at Your Child Care Facility

We think it’s important to clean specific areas in your child care facility on a daily basis and probably even throughout the day because “dirty” and “messy” often happen. Here’s our guide to daily cleaning and sanitization at your child care facility.

Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning at your Child Care Facility

The obvious areas you’ll want to clean often during your day and week are the bathrooms, the kitchen, and eating spaces of your child care facility. There will, of course, be a lot of traffic, food, and little fingerprints to address, but keeping these areas well-sanitized will prevent germs and illnesses from spreading.

Cleaning the Front Entrance of your Child Care Facility

The front entrance to your child care center will also see a lot of traffic and should be kept clean and orderly. Keeping this area picked up as well as keeping it dry will go a long way to prevent slips and falls. It should be vacuumed daily to keep the space looking nice. Also, consider using rugs to catch any moisture and dirt so it isn’t tracked throughout your facility. These rugs should be vacuumed often as well.

Important Areas to Clean Every Day in your Child Care Facility

The areas that might be less obvious for daily cleaning are what we want to focus on talking about now. These are the areas that get touched often but might get overlooked. These areas should be addressed daily to keep the appearance of your child care space looking good, and to keep these spaces sanitary and germ-free.

  1. Chairs and Table Legs Chairs and table legs might get overlooked when it comes to cleaning because they might seem clean since they don’t show dirt and fingerprints as easily as other surfaces. But little hands – and probably mouths – will touch or grab these areas throughout the day. Wipe these often to prevent the spread of germs and other contagions.
  2. Windows and Ledges These glass and shiny areas get a lot of smudges and fingerprints all day. And those smudges mean dirt and germs. Touch these up daily to give them a nice polish, and thoroughly clean them once a week to keep them looking nice.
  3. Floors Your child care center floors will see a lot of dropped food crumbs, foot traffic, and grime. Vacuum tile and carpet to grab all this dirt, and mop hard surface floors to clean up spills and maintain a nice appearance.
  4. Cabinets Your cabinets are used and touched all day long. From little hands at the lower level to caretakers reaching for items above. These hard surfaces show dirty fingerprints and collect germs all day long. It’s important to tackle these spots to keep your child care cabinets sanitized and ready for the next day.
  5. Toys and Play Sets These might show some wear over time, but they might not look dirty every day. However, toys and play sets do collect germs as they are constantly played with and dropped on the floor. The plastic toys can easily be soaked or wiped with a bleach sanitizing solution. The wood and metal toys will clean up nicely with the same bleach solution or sanitizing wipes to make the process easy.

Complete Sanitizing of your Child Care Facility

With this thorough and complete sanitizing list for your child care facility, you can ensure a sanitary, safe, and pleasant environment for all the children to play and enjoy. Daily is the best way to tackle and maintain clean and professional conditions for your child care center. It’s important to consider and implement a regular cleaning schedule like this for your work and play space.

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