Walking into a clean reception area in a government office or municipal building presents visitors with confidence in their community. A tidy, well-organized entry space allows for staff efficiency as well as safety. Here are ways for maintaining a clean, professional reception area in a government building.

How to Maintain a Clean Government Building Reception Area

A government office or municipal building requires cleaning as does any other professional business. It requires care from top to bottom on a regular basis, and taking care of this prominent and heavily-trafficked area portrays a space that is important, official, and should be respected.

Cleaning this area in a government building can be divided into daytime tasks and after-hours cleaning jobs. Different teams can tackle these duties while coming together to provide an impeccable area to greet visitors, staff, and outside suppliers.

  • Schedule Having a routine to handle all cleaning tasks for any space is one of the best ways to maintain it. Scheduling around a work day for general, broad cleaning, and specific detail cleanings tied in with day porter maintenance tasks during the day add up to a well-cleaned area.
  • Cleaning Tasks Precise cleaning tasks should be executed to keep your reception area looking its best. From regular dusting, vacuuming, and trash removal to sanitizing and disinfecting furniture, front desk areas, and door or cabinet handles, having a checklist that takes place routinely helps keep these tasks on track. If the reception area has restrooms, they should be worked into the routine for both health reasons and appearances.
  • Organizing and Restocking As supplies run low and get disorganized, taking time to tidy a reception area will present this space with authority and professionalism. Having supplies on hand will also keep this location in your government building running smoothly.

5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Government Office Reception Area

While a janitorial team will give your reception area a deeper clean after the work day has ended, daytime cleaning can give this location some final touches to provide that cleaning maintenance we are talking about.

  1. Vacuuming Any time of year, high-traffic spaces like a reception area will attract dirt and debris. During rough weather, this area can show more wear. Vacuuming once or twice during the workday can help your entry carpets look nice.
  2. Dusting and Sanitizing With any space that attracts routine business and visitors, dust and fingerprints can develop. Taking time throughout a work day to polish high-touched areas like door handles, windows and doors, mirrors or shiny spots, reception area tables, and chair arms will prevent the spread of germs and reveal an overall welcoming space.
  3. Trash Waste and recycling receptacles can quickly overflow with a lot of paper, cardboard, and paper towels. Take time during a work day to empty these bins to prevent unsightly situations and safety concerns.
  4. Coffee and Tea Stations These areas can quickly get out of hand. Reorganizing, sanitizing, and restocking your coffee stations will help prevent the transmission of illness, keep it from looking unsightly, and generally make guests happy.
  5. Reception Desk Organizing If the reception desk itself gets disordered, work can get chaotic and ineffective. Not to mention unattractive for a workplace. Every few hours, a reception area desk should be brought back to orderly. Papers should be restocked, writing supplies replaced, and files reorganized as necessary. Whatever is used during the day at a reception desk should be kept in order.

Providing a well-run reception space can be inviting but also deliver an official appearance. It’s important to furnish a reception area that is clear of debris, safe from obstacles, and overall clean to provide the best in your services.

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