The only way to provide a safe work area for your construction crew and your city inspector an orderly place to review your construction project is to have a rough construction cleaning take place. A rough construction cleaning will take place about ½ way through your overall project, and is one of two phases of construction cleaning. Let’s discuss what happens during a rough construction cleaning.

Two Main Parts of a Rough Construction Cleaning

A rough construction cleaning is the cleaning that occurs once the rougher portions of a construction project are complete. A commercial cleaning crew often performs this type of cleaning, and it’s quite different from what takes place with your average office or workplace cleaning.

  1. Pick-Up Construction debris and large construction waste will be picked up and disposed of. Any trash or remaining materials scattered about will be tossed or relocated.
  2. Vacuuming and Sweeping Dust clean-up will be another substantial portion of a construction site’s rough cleaning. General sweeping, and if necessary, powerful vacuums will be used to suck up dust on floors, walls, and other flat surfaces that need to be ready for flooring installation.

Making these areas clean enough to inspect as well as ready for your construction teams to install the next phase of materials is the goal. Having a rough cleaning performed will enable the inspector to see the completion of projects easily. If clean-up like this is skipped, the building inspector might not be able to do their job and postpone your building or remodeling progress.

What Rough Construction Cleaning Includes

Many rough construction cleaning projects, both new builds and remodel jobs, follow a common list of cleaning tasks. Your cleaning service will know the right places to clean, the proper procedures, and the cleaning tasks to perform. Picking up and eliminating dust will be on the top of their list. At the same time, they won’t do too much traditional cleaning. For example, windows can wait to be cleaned during the final cleaning stage. Windows will get dirty during the second stage of the construction project, so it won’t be necessary to clean them in the middle of the work.

The next teams working at the job site will expect to make progress in a space where they don’t have to step over debris, and have clean areas ready to accept the materials they are there to install.

The Next Phase of Post-Construction Cleaning

Once your construction project progresses past the rough stages, another cleaning will be necessary to provide the finishing touches to your space. This is the final cleaning stage of post-construction cleaning. This next phase of cleaning will be after the entire project is finished and be more in-depth to get your workplace ready for the staff and visitors to move back into the space. This final stage of post-construction cleaning will show off the fantastic new space for the amazing project that it is. A new build or remodel is always an exciting new place to work in!

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