If you want your business looking great after you have either built or remodeled your workplace, having it cleaned specifically for this post-construction phase is the perfect option. Post-construction cleaning will make the move-in process go faster and smoother. We spoke about the first phase of your construction cleaning work and what’s involved during the rough cleaning, now we want to talk about what happens during the post-construction clean.

What Happens During the Post-Construction Clean?

So, what can you expect from your construction cleaning during the last part of your project? Compared to earlier construction cleaning steps needed for inspections, this final stage will be more detailed to bring your space into good condition and looking spectacular. 

  1. Floors Sweeping and vacuuming every room and flooring section to eliminate any last bit of construction debris and dust. The hard surface floors like tile and vinyl will be mopped specifically for their unique types of material.
  2. Restrooms and Kitchens Fixtures, appliances, mirrors, and other surfaces like doors, countertops, and walls will need deep cleaning and dusting to make these areas fully clean and shiny.
  3. Windows Full window cleaning including sticker removal and trim areas. All parts of your windows will be cleaned and dusted during this final construction cleaning phase.
  4. General Dusting To complete the final construction cleaning before you move your team in is dusting any remaining areas of your workplace. Baseboards, installed equipment, and cabinets will be thoroughly wiped and dusted to make them ready for your move-in.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services for Your Business

Your final construction cleaning can be pretty extensive and take more than a day or two. Depending on the size of your facility, it can also require a group of cleaning professionals to cover your entire space. Bringing in help from a professional cleaning team to provide these services is the best way to go to keep the project moving along. Construction companies do not provide this type of janitorial service, so looking outside for a reliable commercial cleaning company is important. 

Why is Post-Construction Cleaning Important?

Construction cleaning – both in the rough stage of the work and during your final stage – is vital to your project. Post-construction cleaning will get your workplace up and running quickly. Employees can get to work and clients can start visiting. It takes a well-trained cleaning team to clean up all the dust that hides in nooks and crannies, shine the glass and reflective areas, and thoroughly vacuum and dust all flooring and other surfaces.

Allowing a team to clean after your construction project will help you save a lot of time and get you to open your doors sooner for business. Your clients will be so impressed with your new space when it looks its best and you’ll be able to put all the construction time, work, and mess behind you.

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