If you manage or own a construction site, you know that your inspection can be an important step in the process. Preparing for that inspection can be a high stress process, though.

Cut back on your stress by scheduling a pre-inspection cleaning. Not sure what the benefits of a pre-inspection construction site cleaning are? Here are some for starters:

3 Benefits for Pre-Inspection Cleaning of your Construction Site

  1. Safety Concerns Make your worksite safe for inspection ” and your workers ” by making sure your site is periodically cleaned. This is especially important pre-inspection when things might get moved around as parts of your building are being inspected. Clearing dangerous materials including nails and equipment out of the work space rather than just pushing them aside means that everyone will stay safe during the inspection process. Not only does this mean people will stay safer, it can also be important for your insurance needs. Pre-inspection cleaning makes you a great boss with an eye for safety for many reasons.
  2. Highlight Workmanship It’s difficult to show how amazing your workmanship is when no one can see it. Whether it’s hidden behind piles of boxes or covered in the dirt that is a natural byproduct of construction, your work can’t be seen without a proper cleaning. Make sure that all your hard work is easily viewable and accessible by having your worksite cleaned before the inspector arrives.
  3. Add the Finishing Touch Rather than just being neat, you can have your construction site look more inviting from the moment the inspector walks in. Wood floors can be polished, counter tops can be sparkled and light fixtures can be dusted so that they light up your rooms just as much as needed. This is a step above and beyond just cleaning things out ” this is getting things as polished as possible pre-inspection. We can get everything to a high shine so that you can put your best foot forward from minute one.

There are many reasons to schedule a pre-inspection cleaning including safety and making a great first impression. Your team is highly skilled professionals but that doesn’t mean they’re professional cleaners. Take the stress out of the inspection process by hiring a commercial cleaning company to get your construction site ready ahead of time. 

If you’re ready to schedule a pre-inspection cleaning for your construction site, contact us at  (517) 451-0441 today. We can help with professionally cleaning your site at any point in the construction process, so don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.

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