The lobby or entrance to your business is the initial introduction a customer has to your company; it shows itself to your customers and client base even before you do. At the same time, it’s also a space that’s possibly the most heavily-trafficked at your business, thus making its cleaning needs both constant and critical. So, how do you balance lobby cleaning while handling the most common tidying challenges?

Lobby Cleaning While Handling the Most Common Challenges

The lobby of a business tends to get a lot of traffic during the day, and it’s very possibly the most vital impression your customers will have of your business. It’s not always easy to keep a busy area like an entryway clean, and there are a number of lobby areas to focus on that can pose a challenge when aiming for a consistently-clean entry.

  • Challenge 1: Glass Smudges, moisture, and accumulated dirt on entry doors and windows can build up quickly. Keeping supplies on hand so these areas can be shined up and wiped throughout the day is much appreciated by guests. It also displays a clean and hygienic environment that everyone enjoys.
  • Challenge 2: Floors Debris, moisture, and outdoor grime can get tracked in this space often. Keeping rubber-backed rugs and mats near the entrance can help accumulate the mess and keep it contained. Having a break for a quick vacuum and maybe even mopping, if necessary, will significantly help in keeping this area looking good and prevent slips or falls.
  • Challenge 3: Trash Keeping trash off floors means providing trash cans in a variety of places in your lobby. At the same time, these trash receptacles should be checked regularly throughout the day to avoid trash from flowing over onto the floor or smells to accumulate.
  • Challenge 4: Furniture Having a nice-looking lobby involves reviewing the furniture regularly throughout the day. Is it organized and in order? Does it need a quick vacuum? Is the chrome polished and free of fingerprints? Are there cup and water bottle rings on tables left by visitors and daily work activities? Taking a few minutes to spruce up this area of your lobby makes the whole space come together and look professional.

Importance of Cleaning Public Areas

Public areas like your lobby will see a lot of visitors throughout the day. Showing off your best version of your brand possible, and from the beginning, will impress your clients with every visit. When a space like this looks great, people notice. Dirt, grime, and smells are turn-offs.

  1. Dirt and grime are unsightly. Taking a few moments a day to make your lobby look nice will pay off in your respectability. 
  2. Moisture can lead to falls in your lobby space. Staying on top of wet floors keeps people safe.
  3. Smells are offensive and overwhelming. Being greeted in your lobby with a clean or neutral smell is pleasing and inviting.
  4. Debris and trash are distasteful and ugly. Providing a welcoming lobby showcases your already high standards.

How Often Do You Clean the Lobby?

A full top-to-bottom cleaning of a lobby can happen daily, biweekly, or weekly depending on the level of dirt or traffic. The key to keeping this area clean throughout the day is to apply the touch-ups like we mentioned above at regular intervals. 

Consider a light checklist kept in a convenient spot with supplies at hand to make the task simple. 

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When You’re Ready for a Consistently-Clean Workplace

The easiest way to keep your lobby clean on a regular basis is to hire a professional team to clean. Let us do the cleaning work for you – either on a regular schedule or for your one-time cleans. Click here to learn more about the janitorial services we can help you with.

Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured, and maintains OSHA compliance. We are happy to clean your workspaces in your fitness and recreation centers, schools, healthcare facilities, churches, and many more work environments. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your cleaning questions and to schedule your personalized janitorial cleaning estimate today!

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