Customers want to trust and respect the businesses they work with. When they walk into a place of business, they expect professionalism and competence. A front lobby that’s clean and organized speaks volumes to your customer base, and visitors will quickly recognize a business’ level of care and attention as they enter your building. What better way than to impress your visitors than with a spotless lobby entrance?

How to Impress Visitors with a Spotless Lobby Entrance

As customers visit your place of business, they develop a positive first impression when they notice your neat, clean, and nicely put-together office or workplace lobby. An entryway will be passed through before anything else in your building and has to look its best. 

“It takes just one-tenth of a second for people to judge someone and make a first impression.” – Willis, J.; Todorov

  1. Trash and floor debris Always stay on top of litter or debris in your front entryway. Empty wastebaskets frequently, vacuum rugs and tile floors to keep them looking good, and review the portion of your entrance that’s outside. Walking up to your doorway should be a positive experience, making customers comfortable and glad they are there. 
  2. Windows Smudges and streaks present an unkempt work environment. Wipe entrance windows and doors regularly to provide a sanitary and spotless entrance for customers. 
  3. Dusting Providing a polished and dusted entrance makes a lobby space shine. From side tables to chairs, window ledges, and light fixtures or lamps, a clean, spotless entrance that’s dust-free shows a business in its best light
  4. Mopping Visitors will bring in moisture and dirt, especially during snowy and rainy periods. Keeping tile and hard floor surfaces mopped will yield a nice look at your front entrance while also preventing spills. 
  5. Organizing Creating an inviting space that welcomes your guests and customers is your goal. Having this space organized and neat including magazines on tables, entry rugs straightened, and chairs pushed in will add to the final touch of your workplace lobby entrance. 

How Do You Keep a Lobby Clean?

Routine and regular cleaning is the key to keeping a lobby space clean. Passes with the vacuum, debris removal, dusting, and polishing are essential. With a cleaning checklist to address your lobby during the day and focus on at night, your lobby entrance will always shine.

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When You’re Ready for a Consistently-Clean Lobby

The easiest way to keep your lobby clean on a regular basis is to hire a professional team to clean. Let us do the cleaning work for you – either on a regular schedule or for your one-time cleans. Click here to learn more about the janitorial services we can help you with.

Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured, and maintains OSHA compliance. We are happy to clean your workspaces in your fitness and recreation centers, schools, healthcare facilities, churches, and many more work environments. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your cleaning questions and to schedule your personalized janitorial cleaning estimate today!

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