Sports complexes see influxes of high volumes of foot traffic at certain times of the week, month, and year. Because of that, the floors in a sports complex will take a beating. Fans and athletes will track in moisture, dirt, and debris over a short period of time. It can be a big job but an important one. Here are our recommendations for how to clean sports complex floors.

Keeping Sports Complex Floors Clean

A sports complex is a large sports facility often used to host sports leagues, tournaments, school, and athletic departments. Large areas of courts, fields, concessions, and restrooms and locker rooms have a variety of types of flooring that need to be cared for. From vinyl and tile to more specialized hardwoods and even concrete or stone floors…they all need proper and specific cleaning care.

Each of these different flooring types needs to be handled accordingly and with cleaning solutions to provide a nice clean while being sensitive to the materials involved.

  1. Hardwood Floors – Hardwood on courts, entrances, or offices will need to be dry mopped and damp mopped with cleaning solutions designed to care for wood while not damaging the surface, leave a film, or make the surface slippery.
  2. Carpet – Carpet is often found in offices, entrances, and hallways. Keeping these vacuumed throughout a busy day and shampooed regularly is necessary for a clean overall appearance.
  3. Vinyl and Tile – These types of floors will often be in locker rooms, restrooms, kitchens, and reception areas. Vinyl and tile are both durable materials but still require regular debris removal and a thorough mopping to prevent slipping, tracking in more dirt, and looking nice to visitors.
  4. Stone – Specialized stone floorings could appear in offices, front entrances, and restrooms. Stone floors will also require gentle vacuuming and mopping with stone cleaning solutions to keep them looking nice and repelling moisture.
  5. Rubber – This type of flooring can be in a variety of locations from courts to play areas and workout spaces. Vacuuming or dry mopping should take place before a moist or damp mopping is used to clean these softer surfaces. A large floor cleaning machine can also be implemented to make the job go quicker.

Cleaning these floor surfaces regularly not only provides assurance against a dirty appearance, but the investment in the floor and complex spaces in general. Taking the time to regularly clean these areas properly will translate into a sports complex that’s in good shape and doesn’t need repeated flooring repairs and replacements.

Cleaning Sports Complex Floors Regularly

Just like with the cleaning for your entire sports complex, consistent and frequent cleaning of floors in a sports complex can vary based on their usage. A weekend will likely be busier than times during the week. And summer sports fans will often be there during all times of day for many weeks or months in a row.

Scheduling proper cleaning to stay ahead of dirt build-up, safety concerns, and debris on sports courts and complex floors is essential. A sports complex will look good and present itself as a top location for fans and visitors if it’s clean and well-kept. Repeat usage and returning guests will be excited to come back to a clean location year after year. 

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