Proper cleanup after a large construction or remodeling project at your business can take a considerable amount of time and can be a lengthy process before everything looks great again. We discussed why construction sites need cleaning before an inspection and what happens during a post-construction cleaning, but what is the best way to clean construction dust after building work is complete? That’s what we’re going to cover here.

How to Clean Construction Dust After Building Work

All stages of the building and construction process certainly create a lot of debris, including from drywall installation dust to woodworking particles. Dust particles will be everywhere in your renovated workplace…on all flat surfaces, on floors, on walls, and likely, still in the air.

There are good ways to get rid of that construction dust once your building project has been completed. Thanks to lots of vacuuming and wiping, eventually you will tackle all the dust and debris to make all areas of your business look their best.

  1. Air Circulation Opening windows and blowing air out the doors and windows with fans, both during construction and after, can help clear dust that is airborne and bring in fresh air. Dust particles can be rough on lungs, so removing dust that is floating around is beneficial.
  2. Vacuuming Vacuuming will be one of the best ways to eliminate dust after a construction project. A shop vac for hard surfaces will be able to provide powerful suction to pick up even the smallest dust particles. Use a good filter on your vacuum to avoid dust going back into the air and instead getting trapped in the filter. Replace your filter regularly to allow optimal suction. If any surface is too delicate for vacuuming, gently damp wipe or mop this area. Remember to vacuum carpets with your upright vacuum as well.
  3. Moist and Wet Wiping Wiping down the entire workspace after you vacuum as many areas as possible will be your go-to dust-cleaning technique. Using a damp, clean cloth with a gentle water and cleaner combo might be your best cleaning solution. Nothing fancy is necessary; the dust just needs to be removed without spreading or blowing it around. Consider using a barely-damp cloth that is rinsed thoroughly throughout your wipe-downs as the perfect option. If your surface is porous, like wood or walls, drying your surface after you wipe it clean will prevent any water damage.
  4. Damp Mopping Once you have vacuumed well and wiped all your higher surfaces including fixtures, lighting, walls, cabinets, and counters, you will want to vacuum your floors and baseboards again. Take your time to get in the corners and edges. Damp mopping the hard surface floors after the final vacuum will remove that last layer of dust. Be gentle on surfaces that are delicate like hardwood floors. Remember not to use a wet mop but something just damp enough to lightly remove the dust. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the floor shines. Work in your specific floor cleaning solutions as your floors become less and less dusty.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Construction Dust?

Eliminating construction dust after a remodel or new building project can go much faster if you have the equipment needed and a team that works in tandem. Getting rid of construction dust is a step-by-step project that can be tackled in a couple of days or up to a week or more depending on the size of the construction project.

Discuss your post-construction cleaning needs with your commercial cleaning crew. They can give you guidance on a timeline in regards to scheduling, coordinating, and designing a plan that’s best for your project and how to get your new space up and running quickly.

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When You Need Cleaning Help After Construction

The easiest way to get your new construction or remodel project thoroughly clean is to hire a professional team to clean. Let us do the cleaning work for you – either on a regular schedule or for your one-time cleans. Click here to learn more about the construction cleaning services we can help you with.

Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured, and maintains OSHA compliance. We are happy to clean your workspaces in your fitness and recreation centers, schools, healthcare facilities, churches, and many more work environments. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your cleaning questions and to schedule your personalized janitorial cleaning estimate today!

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