There are two phases of construction cleaning – the rough construction cleaning and the post-construction cleaning. As you’re nearing the end of your new construction or remodeling project, it’s time to plan for your post-construction cleaning. Post-construction cleaning requires a handful of tools. Some are simple but a number of them can be more specialized depending on the cleaning job at hand. Here we’ll review what equipment is used for post-construction cleaning.

Common Post-Construction Cleaning Equipment

Below is a thorough list of the post-construction cleaning equipment needed to do a thorough cleaning job. Please note that sanitizing and disinfecting can be part of the final post-construction cleaning session or it can be worked into the regular cleaning schedule conducted after the move-in.

  1. Step Stools and Ladders Reaching high areas in the building, like on the tops of cabinets and shelves, will be much easier with stools and ladders to assist. Care and safety practices should be implemented with these; factors like moisture on the floor or construction clutter can increase the chance of slips and falls.
  2. Clean Cloths and Towels A large selection of cleaning towels can be utilized during the post-construction cleaning process. These towels are useful to wipe down walls, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances. A lot of detailed wiping will be necessary during this time.
  3. Buckets Water and cleaning solutions will be necessary to wash the business space during post-construction cleaning. Keeping separate buckets to hold supplies and used washing towels can add up to many buckets on-site for cleanup.
  4. Power Washers A power washing tool is often utilized in specific instances when brick, concrete, metal, or other tough surfaces need some extra attention. Grime, mud, and paint can be removed with the aid of a power washer and that might be just the right tool for the job.
  5. Vacuums The vacuums will get a lot of use during post-construction cleaning. Stand-up vacuums to more heavy-duty shop vacs will be needed to your post-construction cleaning. Vacuum attachments that allow for reaching small areas or completing more detailed cleanings are beneficial. Removing dust and dirt from a construction area will be one of the first and most important jobs during post-construction cleaning. Know that it can require repeat vacuumings both with an upright machine and a wand with the brush attachment.
  6. Dusting Supplies Dusting in hard-to-reach areas and in crevices that can’t be reached with a vacuum or a moist towel or cloth will require more detailed work. Soft toothbrushes and dust brushes can help in these situations.
  7. Brooms and Mops When vacuums won’t work well in a space, brooms and mops can be used. Mopping dry or damp can be executed on delicate wood flooring. Attempt the mopping process in a hidden location to avoid any scratching on the surface.
  8. Special Cleaning Solutions When working with hard surfaces on floors like wood, luxury tile, and engineered flooring can require specific cleaning and polishing solutions. Using these to finalize the surface cleaning will complete the look of the newly built space.

Post-Construction Cleaning Tools

The tools involved in cleaning a post-construction worksite are essential to do the job well and make the areas look their best. Moving your staff into a newly constructed space will be more pleasing and offer a more productive workspace if it has been cleaned well.

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