Office closets, cabinets, and work storage areas can get out of hand quickly. You might be familiar with this if your office storage areas see a lot of traffic over the course of a day or week. But taking the time to clean and organize these spaces encourages everyone to be more efficient. You’ll also be able to see what items you need to stock up on or get rid of to make way for items that are more beneficial to you.

Let’s start your office storage organization based on the idea that your space needs a good overhaul. From removing unused and broken items to putting things in order, a good cleaning and just giving your space an overall organizing redo will make a huge difference.

Tips for Your Office Storage Organization

1. It can really help to remove everything from your closet, cabinet or storage space to start. Place everything nearby on a local table. Preferably one with a good amount of space so you can see what everything is.

2. After everything has been removed from the office storage area, wipe or dust all the flat areas. Take a moment to review the doors as well ” it might have been a while since the handles and doors themselves have had a good cleaning.

3. Now, review everything on the table. Do you need everything on the table? Are some things broken or worn out and ready for the trash? Maybe you can donate some items or recycle them? This can take a bit of doing ” so leave some time for this reviewing part.

4. Now it’s time to put all the office supplies, workbooks, file folders, and other office supply items back in your office storage space. Keep everything nicely organized by placing the smaller items in bins as much as possible. And even better, the bins should be labeled. You might need to make a trip to the store to select the perfect storage bins for your needs. A label maker is also quite helpful to make the labels easy to read. Labeling the bins will allow easy access to these items. It will also encourage you or other staff members to return supplies or books to the designated spot and make any inventory you might need to do quick and easy.

5. Replace any other storage items like books, office equipment, and other larger items that need to be returned to the storage area. Try to organize and direct them to a specific spot as best you can. Labeling these areas can also help keep these items organized in their spot.

6. Taking inventory is last on your list. Creating a checklist for all your office supplies can ensure you have the supplies you need at all times. A good way to keep it accessible to everyone involved, consider attaching the checklist to a clipboard on the closet or cabinet door. 

Happily Organized Office Storage Space

And, there you have it. You spent a little time and now you have happily organized a space that might have been getting out of hand. This is an easy process to take in order to clean up and reorganize your office storage closet, cabinets, and workspace areas. However, if it becomes a bigger project than you have time for, consider recruiting others in your office to help out or break up the process into smaller chunks to tackle when you have spare time.   

It will certainly feel better to have this project taken care of. And, it will certainly make everyone more efficient when they can grab whatever office supplies or reading materials they are looking for quickly. 

Call In The Office Cleaning Professionals

The easiest way to do keep your office and workspace clean is to hire a professional team to come and clean your office facility. Let us do the work!

Click here to learn more about our cleaning services for all your commercial and office building needs. Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured and maintains OSHA compliance. We would be happy to clean it for you. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and to schedule your janitorial cleaning appointment today!

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