A clean restroom always stands out. It looks fantastic, makes guests and customers comfortable, and causes people to look at a business in a very positive light. Bathrooms can get dirty and messy pretty fast, so it’s important to also know how to clean an office restroom quickly and efficiently.

Cleaning an Office Restroom Quickly and Efficiently

Everyone likes and wants a clean and neat restroom at work. Cleaning this space often and routinely will make a big difference when it comes to its overall cleanliness. Quick wiping and polishing rounds many times a day is a better cleaning maintenance approach than waiting until the end of the week. You would be surprised how regular cleanings throughout the day will make your office restroom shine longer. Having supplies on hand and easily accessible – like paper towels, cleaning solutions, and a vacuum – will greatly contribute to quick bathroom clean-ups. 

What is the Most Important Thing to Clean in an Office Bathroom?

Honestly, it’s hard to say what would be the most important thing to clean in an office restroom. Quickly wiping sink areas, mirrors, and handles will contribute a lot towards the overall appearance of the bathroom. At the same time, picking up any trash on counters and the floor, and wiping up floor moisture will easily finalize the look of your office restroom and in an efficient, timely manner.

5 Quick Bathroom Cleaning Steps

  1. Wipe and sanitize toilet seats and urinals These fixtures don’t need a full cleaning several times a day, but a quick wipe in the necessary areas is effective and efficient, and also contributes to restroom appearance.
  2. Empty trash When trash is piling up in office bathrooms, it looks unsightly. Addressing this a few times a day will make the restroom look neat and well-kept.
  3. Polishing Cleaning mirrors and handles in the areas that show the most smudges and splashes is a top way to make a restroom look nice. Your bathroom will shine quickly and people will notice.
  4. Wiping countertops Water builds up quickly on your office bathroom countertops. It should be looked after regularly throughout the day. With supplies on hand to tackle the moisture and water spots, countertop clean-up is a quick and easy task. 
  5. Follow a checklist Don’t skip a cleaning step! Work in the same direction each time and you won’t miss a spot. Plus, it will become routine and that will help make the cleaning proceed quickly and efficiently within a short time span. This type of cleaning can easily fit in between projects without hesitation. 

Cleaning your office bathroom regularly in this quick and efficient manner is a great way to keep your workplace restroom looking good overall. But, it also shows that an office or workplace is professional, knows how to treat its customers, and provides good hygiene overall. 

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When You’re Ready for a Consistently-Clean Restroom

The easiest way to keep your office restroom clean on a regular basis is to hire a professional team to clean. Let us do the cleaning work for you – either on a regular schedule or for your one-time cleans. Click here to learn more about the janitorial services we can help you with.

Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured, and maintains OSHA compliance. We are happy to clean your workspaces in your fitness and recreation centers, schools, healthcare facilities, churches, and many more work environments. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your cleaning questions and to schedule your personalized janitorial cleaning estimate today!

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