A gym is a busy and active space. Your workout facility will have a lot of traffic throughout the day. And, we won’t lie, your gym is a sweaty place with a lot of equipment that gets touched and used a great deal. This type of commercial space needs to be cleaned often and with specific sanitizing procedures to prevent the spread of germs and provide a clean, friendly space. We are going to walk you through the 5 main areas to keep clean in your gym or health club.

5 Areas to Keep Clean in Your Gym and Health Club

  1. The Workout Equipment. While this might be obvious, cleaning the exercise equipment often is the most important area to address in order to keep your health club clean and hygienic. All of your equipment should be wiped down from top to bottom with sanitizing wipes or spray on a daily basis. This process should also be done often throughout the day while guests are visiting and working out. Gym members should also be encouraged to wipe down the equipment they have used. One of the best ways to incorporate this into your visitors’ routines is by providing sanitizing wipes that can be easily accessed. They should be stocked well and always available.
  2. Restrooms and Locker Rooms. These areas within your gym will get a lot of visitors throughout the day and should be kept under observation for cleanliness. Restroom fixtures should always be kept clean and wiped down. Reviewing shower areas to avoid standing water or moisture build-up will prevent slips and falls while also impede mold from appearing. The floors should be picked up often and kept as dry as possible to sustain a pleasant environment for your members.
  3. Lobby and Front Entrance. The entrance to your gym will see the more people pass through it than any other space. It’s important to stay on top of any mess that appears in this area when it happens. Make sure to review this area often for trash or debris as well as fingerprints and smudges on the doors and glass. It’s essential to clean these areas with proper sanitization, polishing, and vacuuming. Your front entryway is the first thing people will see in your fitness center, and it should look clean and presentable.
  4. Childcare Center. If your gym offers childcare for its members, this will be another essential area to keep clean. Combatting germs and dirt will be a part of the everyday clean up. It’s crucial to keep all surfaces, restrooms, and food areas with your childcare center sanitized and neat in order to avoid the spread of bacteria and germs. Hourly and daily cleaning is essential.
  5. Pool. Larger fitness clubs offer either an indoor or outdoor pool, or sometimes both. A pool means you will see a lot of wet visitors walking not just around the pool, but into and out of the locker rooms. Having a lot of moisture can harbor germs. Dry mop the floors as much as possible. Keep chairs and flat surfaces wiped down and sanitized, and consider keeping food and drinks other than water out of this space. It will help prevent the spilling of sticky substances and crumbs from turning into a mess.

Gym and Health Club Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning for your gym should be done on a regular basis. Setting up an hourly cleaning program with easy to access cleaning supplies will help achieve this goal. Providing wipes and sanitizer in many easy-to-access locations is a must. Not only will staff be more inclined to pitch in with cleaning, but your gym members will appreciate the opportunity to clean areas they will be working out in as well.

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