Many office spaces and businesses of all types have carpeting because carpeting can hide some of the regular dirt and debris that gets tracked in on a daily basis. Of course, carpets still need to be cleaned regularly, but they have the ability to hide some things in between cleanings that hardwood and linoleum floors just don’t. If you work in a space without carpeting, keeping your floors clean needs to be a regular priority in order to keep your business looking its best. Here are four ways to keep non-carpeted floors looking clean.

4 Ways to Keep Non-Carpeted Floors Looking Clean

  1. Area Rugs We’ve talked about the magic of area rugs before. This is one more scenario where having an area rug can help you to hide some of that mess throughout the day. Area rugs are less costly than wall-to-wall carpet and can still allow you to display your brand’s style.
  2. Welcome Mats Of course, many organizations prefer not to use area rugs for the same reasons they avoid carpeting. Whether or not you’re using area rugs, welcome mats inside and outside your entrance doors can provide your customers and employees with an opportunity to wipe their feet and keep water, snow, and debris to a minimum. Some business will even find that a runner inside the door can serve this purpose and meet all of their brand requirements.
  3. Regular Sweeping No matter what you’re doing with regards to area rugs and welcome mats, your floors still need to be cleaned often. Making sure that messes are swept up regularly throughout the day will be key to presenting your business in the best light. Without sweeping, leaves, dirt, crumbs, and even dust bunnies can quickly accumulate in the corners or your rooms and make things look unkempt. Having brooms in multiple rooms can help to make sure this is an easy part of the daily routine.
  4. Clean Up Spills Spills need to be cleaned up, of course. But without carpeting, they need to be cleaned up almost immediately. Spills left sitting on your floors provides them ample opportunity to stain or warp your floors, and can create slippery or sticking floors. Make sure your whole team knows where to find the paper towels or who to ask to help them clean things up.

Keeping floors clean without carpeting takes some diligence. The look and feel of a quality floor only really comes through when it’s clean. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward by showcasing your business at its best.

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