Perhaps you’ve decided that you and your employees can take care of cleaning the bathrooms and office areas just fine on your own. You’ve made a schedule and everyone is supposed to pitch in the get the cleaning job done. But then a few weeks go by and it’s just not as clean as you’d like. You and your employees are losing interest in keeping up with whose turn it is to tidy up the bathrooms or who needs to mop up in the break room after the Friday potluck with coworkers. None of you have the time anymore to run a vacuum through the front office, and coming in on the weekends is out of the question. This unsuccessful attempt at using your employees as a cleaning crew might leave you to wonder, “Does having a cleaning staff boost productivity?” The short answer is: Yes, it does. Here’s why.

No More Worries for your Employees

If you are still wondering whether a janitorial cleaning team can make your work life easier, know that a regularly-scheduled cleaning crew will help you get back to doing what you do best – running your awesome business. Hiring a commercial cleaning staff will help your employees get back to what they do best, too – their real jobs! A regular cleaning crew can make your work atmosphere so much more pleasant. In the end, it will take away those worries of who’s going to do what and when. You and your team can do your best work and be happy knowing the cleaning will still get done.

5 Ways a Commercial Cleaning Crew Encourages Workplace Productivity

  1. Having a commercial janitorial staff take care of the cleaning can greatly improve the morale in your workplace by allowing that time for your employees to do their usual work tasks without interruption.
  2. Regularly-scheduled cleanings can help cut down on sick leave from germs and allergens spread around.
  3. A clean work environment can often inspire your employees to keep their own areas clean and tidy, encouraging more efficient and clutter-free work surroundings.
  4. Having a cleaning crew regularly come in to clean can help cut down on cleaning disagreements that bring down morale of your employees.
  5. A regular cleaning crew can take care of duties no one else has interest in or time for.

Imagine everyone coming in the morning to a happy, sparkling work environment. A clean and tidy office environment encourages people to be productive in a cheerful setting to do their best work.

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We All Want a Clean Office

No matter the specific type of business, having a clean office and workspace is something we all expect. No one wants to work somewhere grimy and unkempt. A clean place of business is enjoyed by everyone. And a clean working atmosphere will help keep a high level of morale and productivity with you and your staff.

Now you and your employees can be happier and more productive, and get back to doing their best job every day! No more worrying, no more conflict about who will do what cleaning after work. It will all be done on a schedule by your janitorial cleaning crew, and tomorrow you will come in and just enjoy your surroundings.

We would be delighted to take care of cleaning your entire office and make your customers and staff happy! Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and learn more about our commercial janitorial services!

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