When you run a small business, it’s extremely tempting to ask employees to pitch in on all of the cleaning activities in order to keep costs down. Of course, they have jobs to do as well which means that hiring a cleaning company may be the best way to save money. The truth is, even when you run a larger business or already have a cleaning company on payroll, there are things your employees inherently have to keep clean themselves.

Even with a commercial cleaning service, every cubicle needs to be tidied throughout the day. Papers, food, receipts and more pile up quickly on your employees’ desks ” it’s unreasonable to think anyone could keep up with everyone in the office. The trick is knowing where to draw the line. That is, how much is it appropriate for you to expect of your employees and when do you hire them help.

3 Cleaning Tasks Employees Should be Responsible for

  1. Personal Effects Anything employees have brought from home that is not work related ” whether it’s sweaters or personal pictures ” is their responsibility to keep clean. Cleaning crews are not responsible for keeping their sweaters hung up, and you are not responsible for paying for someone else to hang up their sweaters. Of course, this can feel like a gray area; pictures need to be dusted, etc. The bottom line is that while the cleaning crew you pay for is going to make your office shine, your employees can help make that a daily reality by maintaining their personal effects in an orderly fashion.
  2. Work Papers and Materials While work papers need to be taken out regularly and likely aren’t going to be perfectly organized at all moments, making sure they’re not strewn haphazardly about the floor is a reasonable expectation for your employees. Make sure they have adequate shelf, counter, cabinet and/or drawer space to organize their paperwork. Similarly, items like pens and paper clips can easily be sorted and organized by employees to let your cleaning crew focus on the deeper cleaning needs.
  3. Dishes and Food Stuffs In your office, it’s almost certain that employees will eat at their desks, drink coffee while checking in with the receptionist or fix meals in the breakroom. It’s a fairly standard practice for employers to expect their employees to clean up their food mess and any dishes associated with their meals. This is a reasonable expectation for you to have of your employees; cleaning up their dishes won’t disrupt from your employees’ abilities to do their jobs and helps to keep your office fresh and clean.

The bottom line is that your employees should be able to focus on their work. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely without responsibility for keeping their spaces tidy. Common cleaning tasks like throwing out garbage or organizing work papers can be easy ways to keep things neat. That said, letting a commercial cleaning company focus on heavy duty cleaning can allow your employees to help do what they do best ” their work. Your cleaning company can do regular cleaning tasks like vacuuming and janitorial more quickly and thoroughly than your employees. They’re also better poised to jump in on larger projects like  removing stains from linoleum floors. 

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