Keeping your church clean and disinfected is highly valued by your parishioners. Visiting and worshiping in a clean church contributes to a satisfying experience, and encourages people to keep returning to services. An important part to keeping a church clean is to disinfect all high-touch surfaces in your church. Let’s take a closer look.

Disinfect the High-Touch Surfaces at your Church

High-touch surfaces are any surface that people come into contact with regularly. Places like door knobs and handles, light switches, telephones, keyboards, chair arms, tables, and pews. Germs and pathogens can contaminate these highly-touched surfaces and quickly spread to other people.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting of these surfaces throughout your church can prevent illness and provide a safe, hygienic gathering place without concern for illness. Areas like these can quickly become unsanitary depending on how large of a congregation the church has, how often the church hosts services or other community or ministry activities, and how often your church is cleaned and disinfected.

How to Best Disinfect a High-Touch Area

Cleaning a dirty surface involves removing dust, smudges, and other debris to make the area look clean. Often this is enough for many spaces. Disinfecting is different and it’s substantial when it involves contaminants. Cleaning will remove some germs, but it will not kill them. Only disinfecting with the proper solutions and in the appropriate manner will ensure that a high-touch area is sanitary.

What is the Best Way To Disinfect Hard Surfaces in a Church?

Providing a clean surface is the best way to start. Wiping away debris, dust, and any residues will provide a good space for the disinfection process to work.

  1. Choose The Right Solution Selecting the right chemicals to kill germs and disinfect a high-touch area comes down to a few options: bleach or alcohol-based sanitizing solutions. Note: Vinegar and baking soda are nice for cleaning or shining, but they won’t kill germs.
  2. Apply Disinfectant Spray or wipe the disinfecting solution on the high-touch surface generously. Depending on the directions, leave the solution to set for a few minutes to fully do its job. The instructions will be specific to each solution. Follow them to use the product properly.
  3. Let Dry Wiping it dry too soon can reduce the effectiveness of the solution. If drying is necessary, use a clean cloth to avoid spreading more contaminates from a dirty rag. It’s best to allow the disinfecting solution to dry on its own and do the work.
  4. Electrostatic Fogging This is a fantastic way to clean hard surfaces that need disinfecting. It’s perfect for bathrooms and kitchens that require sterilizing surfaces. It can be implemented after cleaning to provide a sanitary area that is safe from contaminants.

How Do You Fully Disinfect a Surface?

A fully disinfected surface should still be cleaned regularly. Keeping these areas treated often will keep the germs and contaminants to a minimum, and routinely addressing high-touch surfaces in a church space will fully disinfect these areas.

Following the right steps from cleaning, to choosing the right disinfecting solution, and allowing the proper application to do its job, will fully disinfect high-touch surfaces in any setting. Make your church as hygienic as possible for everyone to enjoy.

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