As a business owner, of course you know that you need to invest in your business. That doesn’t mean that you want to spend your hard-earned dollars reinvesting in something that’s not a core business necessity, though. Things like carpeting are not usually high on the list of items you want to spend your money on, but carpet does make an impact on how customers perceive your business. So, can you make your carpeting last longer while still looking sharp? Yes, you can – with regular cleaning.

Does Regular Cleaning Help Carpeting Last Longer?

Regular carpet cleanings can keep your floors looking customer-ready and while also extending the life of the carpeting. Regular carpet cleaning processes can include vacuuming, scrubbing, or extraction.

  • Vacuuming Regular vacuuming seems like a simple solution. That’s because it is! Regular vacuuming can remove debris before it has a chance to cause tears, stains, or odors. This cleaning task can vastly improve the life of your carpet while keeping your business appearing well-maintained from a day-to-day perspective. Of course, there are some things to consider even with a simple solution. Some vacuums have a beater bar. This is a piece of equipment that spins on the bottom of the vacuum. This type of mechanism can damage an expensive rug or carpet. For those sensitive areas, a vacuum without a beater bar is your best bet. Backpack vacuums or some brands of upright vacuums may be just what you’re looking for.
  • Scrubbing or Bonnet Cleaning Scrubbing or bonnet cleaning is a specific technique used to remove more stubborn carpet stains. This can be performed on all carpets throughout your facility. Keep in mind, this tends to remove only surface level stains. After using this technique, some deeper stains are known to “pop-back” and resurface a few weeks after the service is performed. This technique also tends to leave carpets wet for a period of time. As a result, this service should be scheduled when there is adequate dry time; nights and weekends and other times when you will be closed to customers during drying time are typically recommended. This service should typically be performed twice a year. It should also be noted that bonnet cleaning may void your warranty on the carpet. As a result, it’s typically recommended for older carpets that have stubborn staining or to check your carpet’s warranty information before finalizing a service.
  • Extraction Extraction is another technique used for carpets that have visible stains. This technique uses hot or cold water plus a cleaning solution to permanently remove even deep stains. With this service, you’ll be able to avoid “pop-back” stains, and as a result, is often the best method to use on stained carpets or heavily trafficked carpets.

If you’re looking to make sure your carpets are maintained as well as possible, it makes sense to contact a commercial cleaning company. Remember, there are nuances in all of this; depending on what type of carpet you have and how it’s been maintained in the past, your optimal cleaning solution will vary. For instance, high traffic carpets will typically be recommended to be cleaned nightly while carpets in less frequently used areas will require less frequent cleanings.

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