Keeping retail stores clean and visually-appealing on a daily basis is a must. Customers expect a level of neatness and cleanliness when they walk in to start shopping. While a deeper, overall cleaning process should continue on a regular weekly basis, daily cleaning and picking up are essential to keep any retail establishment looking its best. Let’s take a look at a retail store daily cleaning checklist.

Retail Store Daily Cleaning Checklist

  • Picking Up – Picking up in retail stores everyday will be necessary to manage any messy product displays, shelves, and end caps. Products on display will be lifted up, placed back down, and moved around by store shoppers. A daily review of the store for out-of-place items and product displays that need reorganizing will provide a nice, neat look overall and do a better job at merchandising your products to appeal to your shoppers.
  • Glass Doors, Windows, and Displays – Smudges and fingerprints are going to collect on glass surfaces throughout the day. This type of cleaning shouldn’t wait for a weekly clean. The glass areas in retail shops should get a cleaning and polishing every day, if not a few times throughout the day. The clean, spot-free appearance of your glass and reflective surfaces gives an overall professional appearance while sending a message to shoppers that you care a lot about your store. Know that it is worth it to make these surfaces shine!
  • Empty Trash Cans – Trash cans throughout your retail store should always be emptied at the end of the day, and periodically throughout the day as necessary. This includes trash cans located in restrooms and employee areas, too. Keeping the trash emptied often will provide a neat looking space while preventing any pests or smells from collecting in your retail environment. There’s nothing more off-putting than a stinky store.
  • Dusting – A deep dusting that includes removing products from shelves can probably be left for routine weekly cleanings. But a light dusting of shelves, displays, fixtures and tables should be worked into a daily cleaning plan to present a positive impression to shoppers.
  • Floors – Whether the floors are a hard surface or carpet, vacuuming, wet, damp, or dry mopping should be worked into the daily cleaning routine. Take note of areas near exits and entrances, high traffic areas like restrooms, changing areas, and behind the sales counter. Any trash and debris should be picked up off the floors and proper treatment of your floor surfaces should be completed on a daily basis. If the weather is rainy or snowy, consider keeping a floor mat near the entrances and a clean up kit for mopping up wet areas that can accumulate throughout the day.
  • Restrooms – A daily review of retail store restrooms, picking up floor debris, and overall sanitizing should be performed. A lighter approach could be done to retail restrooms each day, with less scrubbing and more light wiping, but make sure the space looks clean, smells nice, and the reflective areas are clean and shiny.

Daily Retail Cleaning Tasks

Keeping your retail store looking and smelling great helps put your retail store above the rest. Having a clean store puts your clientele at ease and encourages them to return again and again. That’s why it’s worth it to create a daily cleaning checklist for your store.

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