When you’re on a mission to make the office spotless ” whether it’s a high traffic area or not ” nooks and crannies can be forgotten or missed. Sometimes you don’t even think about all the places where grime could be hidden.

It’s time to change that. Check out this list of commonly-overlooked places to clean to keep your office space sparkling.

Don’t Overlook Workplace Cleaning: 6 Places to Check

  1. Have you taken a moment to clean your coffee maker? Make sure the coffee pot and filter basket area are cleaned every day. And, monthly, run a cycle of white vinegar through your office coffee maker. Follow this with a clean water cycle. This will help keep out bacteria and scaliness.

  2. Light Switches. Maybe you already tackle this on a weekly basis, but keep an eye on the dirt that likes to build up around switch and other little corners. Light switches can get pretty grimey; use a toothbrush to get into these fine, tight areas. Touching a clean light switch makes everyone happy.

  3. Door Frames. Look around the frame of the doors and the hinges. To keep some areas clean they might just need dusting where some might need a little more elbow grease. This area is often neglected, but when it’s cleaned up, can help your office look like new!

  4. Under the office fridge. Oh, my! Who knows what’s under there? A good vacuum might be enough, but to get a good, thorough cleaning, have someone help pull it out and see what’s going on. Vacuum up the dust bunnies, and try a mop to get any residue build up off the floor. If you can, clean the area by hand. It will feel so great to know you don’t have to be afraid of what might be lurking under the office fridge any more! (maybe the inside, but not underneath!)

  5. Baseboards. Oh, the baseboards. Often overlooked ” because it’s just so far from your line of sight. But, bend over and get closer, and you might be startled with what is building up down there! Maybe you can just dust and it will be happy again. Put dusting on your weekly or monthly schedule. But, if it’s more grimey and maybe a little beat up from years of wear, you might need to get on your hands and knees. Otherwise a damp rag to clean up with and a dry rag to wipe off any moisture from the wood. Put baseboard deep cleaning on your 6 month rotation schedule to keep them looking great.

  6. Partitions and Cubicles. Even without obvious stains, your partitions and cubicle walls need vacuuming to stay dust free. Partitions and cubicle walls take a silent beating, and can sustain spills, scruffs, and debris. Proper, regular cleaning of your cubicle walls and partitions can extend their life–thus saving you money.

These tips should help keep your office sparkling clean throughout the year. Put these deep cleaning tasks on your schedule to stay on top of these often forgot areas. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, making note of when to tackle cleaning projects helps you stay ahead of the dirt and make your office place clean and enjoyable.  

We are always available to handle these cleaning tasks for you. Please give us a call at 571.451.0441 and we’d be happy to perform a complimentary walk-through of your project to provide you with a quote.

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