When you think about museums and art galleries, your mind doesn’t often consider the cleaning involved to keep it looking great. But a regular cleaning schedule is paramount for keeping your collection and gallery spaces in pristine condition, especially since that’s what your patrons expect while they admire the timeless pieces you’re showcasing. Cutting down on dust and other grime is essential to keeping your appearance and reputation level high.

‘The objective of cleaning is not just to clean,

but to feel happiness living within that environment.’

-Marie Kondo

Proper Cleaning for your Gallery or Museum

The Customary Cleaning

When you consider cleaning for your gallery and museum spaces, of course you want to think of the usual areas that you should keep sanitary and tidy for your guests and staff:

  • restrooms
  • front lobby areas
  • reception areas
  • staff offices
  • kitchens

These areas will have high traffic, but they also have high use. For example: for meetings, working, eating and gallery or museum events. It’s always important to routinely clean these areas and keep them looking tidy.

It’s In The (Gallery and Museum) Details

To get into more detail, maintaining clean gallery and museum spaces involves a regular but gentle dusting procedure and floor cleaning schedule. Artwork and antiquities are delicate objects and should be treated as such. Dusting should be done with a soft cleaning element and with a gentle approach so as not to damage anything. Any cleaning solutions should be used with discretion. This type of cleaning should be done often and regularly. That might mean every week for your gallery or museum. Or regular cleaning might mean daily for your space. Don’t hold back ” it can never be too dust free!

Cleaning floors can be as simple as vacuuming the gallery and office spaces. Or it can also require dry mops or even a wet, soapy mop process. More than likely, it will involve a combination of approaches. Whichever it might be, again, take your time and consider the artwork or artifacts in the gallery space and their positions on the floor. Being observant and cautious while cleaning and vacuuming are highly advisable.

Don’t Confuse Your Trash

You want to make sure the gallery and museum spaces are kept extra tidy as well as your patrons consider galleries and museums to be upscale establishments. Daily or even hourly pick up will help to keep all messes at bay. While it’s important to stay on top of this type of sprucing up, at the same time, make sure there is careful determination between artwork or displays vs. gallery and museum fixtures, furniture, office supplies or even trash. As you work busily, confusing artwork with non-artwork could lead to an unhappy mishap.

Cleanliness of your gallery and museum spaces also sends the message to your patrons that you have the best reputation and professional qualifications. When you look great, you show it off! Let everyone know you are outstanding with a clean gallery and museum space.

Go With Professionals

A helpful way to help keep your gallery or museum space looking its best is to hire a professional cleaning team to come in on a regular basis. The cleaning staff should be educated on any special sanitizing needs, procedures, and requirements that are involved with having a presence in a gallery or museum environment. We at Clean Method provide this type of professional cleaning service.

Click here to learn more about our cleaning services for your gallery and museum. Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured and maintains OSHA compliance. We would be happy to clean for you. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and to schedule your janitorial cleaning appointment today!

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