Walking into a place of business marks the start of a customer’s impression of that business. Having a good-looking and clean entrance and reception area is important to your perceived professionalism and respectability as an expert in your industry. That’s also why cleaning of your lobby, main entrance, and elevators should be essential. Let’s take a look at the best ways to keep those areas of your business clean and tidy.

How to Clean your Lobby, Main Entrance, and Elevator

Having a sparkling lobby, main entrance, and elevator area at your business will really make it shine. Taking the time each day, week, and month to confirm that these spaces are clean and well-maintained is significant to your customers’ impressions of your business. If it’s too much for your staff to maintain these main areas throughout the day, then a day porter service might be an excellent fit for your commercial cleaning needs.

The main elements to focus your cleaning on are:

  1. Floors When any space gets a lot of traffic like a lobby, main entrance, and bank of elevators, floors will see a lot of use. A daily or even an hourly review, dry mop, and vacuuming can keep both the entryways, hallways, and elevators looking nice while also preventing any slips or falls from dirty or damp floors.
  2. Doors Just like floors in your lobby area, doors will get a lot of interaction from people coming and going. Wiping and sanitizing will prevent the accumulation of germs, fingerprints, and dirt. Kick plates need a thorough wiping along with the handle areas of doors.
  3. Knobs, Handles, and Switches Tackling these parts of doors, windows, elevators, and lights is a must for a clean lobby and elevator space. These areas will see a lot of activity. Wiping and sanitizing will be required often throughout the day.
  4. Shiny Areas Moisture, handprints, and dirt on the reflective surfaces in your lobby and elevator area will give the appearance of an unkempt workplace, so keep in mind that the shiny places in your entryway need wiping and polishing regularly.
  5. Trash and Debris While addressing other areas of the workplace lobby, main entrance, and elevators, look for trash and other debris that hasn’t made it into the garbage cans. Empty the trash at least once a day, if not more often, to avoid overflow and smells.
  6. Furniture Lobby furniture will need dusting and polishing. Depending on the fabric or seat materials, vacuuming or wiping will likely help refresh the look of your lobby and main entrance. If spills are discovered, an upholstery cleaner might be enough to tackle the stain. With leather furniture, specific cleaners can be applied and wiped over the surface to bring them back to life.

In addition to regular cleanings for the purposes of maintaining the condition of your lobby, main entrance, and elevators, a regular cleaning schedule also can help stop the spread of germs and illnesses at work. Germs (and grime) will quickly spread if not cleaned and disinfected often. Taking the time necessary throughout the day to clean and sanitize your entryway and elevators will help keep your clientele and staff healthier.

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