It’s the most wonderful time of the year! In fact, some even say the holidays are the hap-happiest season of all. However, these joyful times come with many festivities, and festivities seem to bring merriment and mess in equal amounts to your office. If your company is holding your office holiday party on the premises, you may find that the mess is out of control. There are a few main things you can look at to make your office holiday party cleaning easier, both before and after the celebration. Take a look at our handy office holiday party cleaning checklist to ease your stress and stay organized.

Office Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist

Your office holiday party cleaning plan needs to include two parts: the pre-party cleaning and the post-party clean up.

Pre-Party Cleaning Checklist

Before your holiday office party, you need to make sure that your employees and guests have plenty of room in which to revel safely.

  • Counters and surfaces Before your guests arrive, make sure that the counters and other surfaces are clear. This means more than just wiping them down or throwing a table cloth over them. Make sure they are free of clutter and have been disinfected. A good way to test this is to step back and see if your eye is caught by any unsightly piles or crumbs when you’re not up close to it.
  • Floors At a minimum, floors should be thoroughly swept and/or vacuumed prior to the office party. There should be no obvious dirt or debris on your floors when guests arrive. If you have time for deep cleanings, great. Otherwise, make sure you sweep and consider putting down some area rugs temporarily to cut down on floor damage.
  • Restrooms It goes without saying that your restrooms need to be cleaned prior to your party. Even though you’re likely to be very busy with your party prep, cleaning your restrooms is a priority. You want to make sure that not only the surfaces are clean, but paper goods are well-stocked and the stalls do not have a noticeable odor.

Post-Party Cleaning Checklist

After the party, you’ll want to go through the checklist above again in order to re-clean the areas that were very likely dirtied during your guests’ fun. Some of these items may need an even deeper clean after the party, especially floors and restrooms. In addition to these items, you’ll want to consider:

  • Kitchens and refrigerators In addition to the spaces used to store the food pre-party, you’ll need to clean refrigerators, dishes, sinks, and more after serving your guests food and drinks. Beyond just looking nicer and making for a more productive work environment, clean food prep and storage areas can be critical to your and your employees’ health.
  • Windows It’s incredibly likely that while your guests were enjoying your holiday party, they leaned up against the windows, pressed their nose against the glass to see if their ride was there, or pushed their hands against the door when they should have pulled the handle. These are all small actions each of us likely do every day. However, they can quickly lead to smudged, dirty windows. After having so many people in your space, it can be beneficial to your business and your productivity to clean your windows.
  • Garbage disposal If you think your organization makes a lot of refuse on an average day, just wait until you see how much comes from a party. In addition to food waste, you’ll likely have packaging from decor, disposable plates, the decor itself and more. Garbage should be taken out quickly. You may need to contract a special pickup post party while your level of trash is high.

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