As the new year begins, it’s a great time to evaluate which spaces in your work space need additional deep cleaning and when. Creating a monthly schedule can help you to manage these deep cleaning tasks on a regular basis and incorporate them into your budget.

The suggested schedule below can help you to maintain your space so that you do not incur the additional costs that come from letting your work space deteriorate before taking action.

Monthly Deep Cleaning Checklist for the New Year

  1. Carpet and floor cleaning Carpets and floors alike can easily harbor extra dirt and debris at certain times of year. Fall leaves can blow in, salt and snow can be brought in on shoes during the winter, and spring rains can pull in mud and more. Having your carpets deep cleaned can help you to maintain a space that’s both clean and presentable to clients and customers as well as prevent stains from setting in. This task is often done quarterly to combat all the elements. Suggested schedule: January, April, July, October.
  2. Window Cleaning Having clean windows has a variety of benefits, including higher sales, customers who stay longer, happy employees and more. Windows, much like floors, can easily be subjected to the elements. While it would be ideal to have windows cleaned monthly or more often, having a schedule that is at least quarterly can help you to keep on top of the debris that can build up and keep your business looking shiny and new. Suggested schedule: March, June, September, December
  3. Baseboards and Cabinets Cleaning Some surfaces, like baseboards and cabinets, should be included in your regular cleaning. However, because the dirt and spills can sometimes lead to stains, including a deep cleaning for these surfaces can be helpful in maintaining your space. Since they are likely included in your regular cleaning schedule, they do not need to be addressed quite as often. Including this in a twice a year rotation can be helpful to your business. Suggested schedule: February, August
  4. Cubicle and Partition Cleaning Much like with baseboards and cabinets, your cubicles and partitions are likely included in regular cleanings. However, these create an aesthetic standard for your office and as a result, are worth reviewing in full twice a year. This can include deep stain removal, assessing any repairs that need to be made, and buffing up any moldings that keep them together. These structures in your work space take up a bit of space and it’s worth the investment to maintain them. Suggested schedule: May, November

These regular deep cleaning tasks can you help you make your work space look its best. The best way to manage this is by hiring a commercial cleaning company to do this work professionally. They have the expertise to do this quickly and efficiently without any delays.

If you have any questions about how to manage your deep cleaning schedule, give us a call at 571.451.0441 or contact us online.

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