People talk about spring cleaning regularly. However, a deep clean once a year is not enough to keep your business looking tip top. Just look around this fall leaves are falling, cold rains may be leaving track marks on your windows. You may even have cobwebs and other Halloween decor up in your windows. All of these factors mean that your business needs a thorough cleaning in more than just the spring, and optimally every quarter of the year.

This is especially true when it comes to window cleaning. There are many ways that clean windows improve your business. If you aren’t doing a thorough window cleaning at least once a quarter, it can be easy for out-of-the-way dirt and debris to build up, and windows to slowly become more and more streaky and cloudy over time. Here are three great reasons to hire someone to help make sure your windows let in as much light as possible.

3 Reasons Why Windows Need a Quarterly Cleaning

  1. Your Employees Have Other Jobs It’s understandable to expect employees to do some amount of clean up work. For some companies, that includes regular window cleaning. Even if you or your employees have spectacular cleaning habits, you have other jobs and responsibilities. It’s easy for window cleaning to get rushed or to fall by the wayside all together. A professional cleaning company can make sure the job is taken off your hands and done effectively and efficiently at least once a quarter. Clean windows mean happier customers and more productive employees, making this investment well worth it.
  2. Decor Changes Seasonally If you do hang signage or decorations for the seasons of the year, those decorations are likely affixed to your windows in some way. Whether you’re using an adhesive or window paint, or another kind of decoration, it can be important to make sure the remnants of your decor are thoroughly removed each season– and before putting up the next lively display. Professional cleaning teams are trained to do this well so that you can focus on decor that makes your business warm and inviting. We’ll just set the stage for you with a clean window to start.
  3. Every Season Has Its Own Dirt Spring gets something of a muddy reputation but no season is without its own particular brand of dirt. Snow is deceptively dirty and can leave streaks and slush on your windows. Fall leaves can crackle and crumble and pile up everywhere. Even the summers can be dry and dusty or simply full of grass clippings. The bottom line is that your windows are exposed to the outdoors every day. As a result, cleaning them thoroughly at least once each quarter can make sure you get all the light you need to run your business in the best way possible.

It can be difficult to determine how often your business’ windows need to be cleaned especially if you are trying to manage some of the work yourself. A deep clean each season can be a good rule of thumb to start for most businesses.

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