Ah, the office lobby. This high traffic area is the first and last space that each of your customers and potential customers will see. While it’s important to keep it clean, it can also be very difficult to do just that. This is simply because it is the one space that pretty much everyone who visits your business will pass through at least twice.

Even when you have a commercial cleaning service, there may be times during the day when your lobby needs some extra straightening (which may cause you to consider hiring a  day porter). Even if you have a regular daily or weekly cleaning service, if you have many people walking through your lobby every day, it may need some additional care. These three action items can help you more easily maintain the clean look and feel you want to preserve for your lobby.

3 Tips to Keep your Office Lobby Clean

  1. Purchase Rugs and Doormats We previously discussed the magic of using doormats and rugs when you are maintaining linoleum floors. These items can also be used in your lobby even if your floors are made of an alternate material. In addition to adding a personal touch to your lobby and immediately setting a tone for your brand, rugs and doormats can preserve your floors. They can also be more easily cleaned if needed ” especially during rainy or winter weather ” and they are much more cost effective to replace than your floors. Doormats and rugs are the first step in keeping your lobby clean.
  2. Have a Cleaning Checklist Taking care of certain tasks on a daily basis can help to keep your lobby clean and professional. Take the time to wipe down pictures, counters and frames so that there are no obvious smudges. If this is the last thing you do before leaving every day, you will always be ready to start the next day fresh. These three tasks being added to your closing checklist can dramatically improve the look and feel of your lobby while simultaneously reducing the amount of deep cleaning your lobby will need on a long term basis.
  3. Tidy Surfaces Your lobby more than likely contains a counter or desk where people check in as well as several end tables, a coffee table and possibly some magazine stands. Straightening these surfaces a few times a day will help maintain a professional appearance. While waiting in your lobby, customers will inherently leaf through anything on the table, rifle through their own belongings and sometimes leave their own things. The last thing you want is for the next new customer to sit down and stumble upon someone else’s used tissue. Make sure that if your surfaces start to look cluttered, you take five minutes to straighten them back out. This will help make sure you’re presenting your office in the best light ” and that your customers don’t leave each other any nasty surprises by accident.

And while this may go without saying, here’s a quick fourth tip: be sure to quickly empty garbage can if they become too full or are emitting a pungent odor. Of course, if you also have stains, scratches and ground-in debris in your lobby, they can be addressed by a commercial cleaning company that knows their stuff. 

If you have questions on how to keep your lobby, waiting room or other office space clean, please call us at 571.451.0441 or contact us via the web.

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