Well-kept and stocked cleaning products will help maintain a nice-looking workplace for employees and customers. Finding what you need to clean – both quickly and effortlessly – makes clean-ups happen without hesitation. Due to the variety of cleaning solutions and supplies you need to keep on hand, understanding how to best store and handle those cleaning products safely and efficiently is important. Let’s take a closer look.

Safe, Efficient Storage and Handling of Cleaning Products

Cleaning solutions and products should be stored in a location that is both safe and easily accessible for staff and cleaning personnel. Daily-use products can be stored in cabinets or cleaning stations that are simple to get to. Cleaning products that are more serious and high risk should be contained and stored more carefully and cautiously.

Where Should Cleaning Chemicals be Stored at Work?

The active ingredients in each cleaning chemical will determine where they should be appropriately stored. What’s most important is safety and effortless access so cleaning isn’t overlooked because supplies are hard to find. Cleaning solutions for everyday use can be located where they are needed most and large quantities can be placed in storage.

Things like gentle window cleaners, hard surface cleaners for floors, countertops, and tables, and sanitizing hard floor cleaners can be located where they are needed most. A cabinet under or above a sink, in a cabinet in restrooms, a space in a break room or conference room, or a cabinet or large drawer in office areas are perfect spots to reach these items easily.

Strategically locating these cleaning products means cleaning can happen quickly when there are spills or if the space sees a lot of traffic and needs cleaning often.

Storing Cleaning Products Safely

If cleaning products and solutions are more severe, not used often, or are something used primarily for deep cleaning, they should be stored in a more secure environment. Stashing cleaning supplies in a metal-locked cabinet, closet, or container will prevent injuries, spills, and misuse.

Having a process for tracking what is inside each bottle provides a record of what is on hand, but also when products need replacing or if they are out of date. Rotate these products as necessary to ensure a useful supply is always available.

More dangerous cleaning products should always be stored in the containers they were sold in to make sure they don’t leak, corrode, or break down a different type of container. Glass and stainless steel are also good storage containers but do a little research to confirm they will hold up.

Guarantee these solutions and supplies are secure and won’t tip over. And if the work environment is a health, animal, or child care facility, products should be completely out of reach and stored in a locked location.

Proper Storage of Cleaning Equipment

Storage solutions for cleaning supplies can be simple to serious, and the type of solutions determine the proper storage for each kind.

  • Plastic tubs, drawers or shelves
  • Wooden cabinets with doors
  • Metal cabinets or storage bins
  • Racks or drawer units

When you think about the type of solution that will be stored, consider if it needs air circulation, or if the potential for dripping or leaking needs to be contained on a plastic or metal surface. If the cleaning products need large spaces for big containers, or even tall drawers for quick access, plan for their size as well.

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