Your car dealership is a mess and you can’t take it any longer! You want to hire a crew to keep the place clean, but where do they start to clean up and make your work environment shine? Consider this detailed list in order to convey your competence as a business and provide an inviting place of business.

How to Clean your Car Dealership

Start off first by thinking about the areas that get the most use by your customers and staff: 

  • Restrooms
  • Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Walkways

The above list offers a good beginning as the obvious places to focus your cleaning attention. But you’ll want to expand into more areas that might get overlooked or should be given more care throughout your dealership. 

Customer Service Area Cleaning 

The high traffic areas in your front lobby and customer service areas of your dealership should be at the top of the cleaning list. It’s ideal to note that you want to present your business as top notch and focused on professionalism. When your customers and potential customers walk into a clean and tidy car dealership they know you are a business of excellent quality.

So, what do you focus on in these customer service areas? First, make sure you are always cleaning up fingerprints on the windows and glass on doors. Make sure to include the handles and areas around the door handles when you are wiping up, too. Sometimes these areas are forgotten, but they make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your work space.

From here, make sure your janitorial staff includes customer seating areas and floors around these waiting areas as predominant points on the cleaning list. Customers might be snacking while they wait, so these areas can get pretty grubby from the high traffic. Remember to sweep up the crumbs, pick up half-empty coffee cups and soda cans, and empty the trash can to keep it looking sharp.

Next, you’ll want to focus on the customer kitchenette area, or a spot where coffee and treats might be served. Make sure to clean this area so it looks spotless. Presenting this customer area in an immaculate fashion, again, reminds clients that you are a respectable group to work with. Clean is an important element of professionalism.

Front Office Area Cleaning 

After the customer area is at its best, move on to the remaining front office areas, cleaning desks and customer counter areas as much as possible. Don’t forget to sanitize phones and arms of chairs, as well as dusting bookcases, and polishing or sanitizing other work surfaces. Making your dealership’s employee workspaces shine will make your office staff feel at their best.

Restroom Cleaning 

Moving along through the front office section of the dealership, make sure to spend a good deal of time at the customer restrooms. The restrooms can get pretty grimy with all the traffic throughout the day. After scrubbing and sanitizing the toilets and sinks, remember to address fingerprints and smudges from hands on doors and towel dispensers. Check the mirrors before wrapping up in the restrooms to wipe away splashes and smudges; mirrors can get especially dirty and show water splashes easily. Taking an extra moment to make sure these areas are polished will give you a great pay out.

Finally, make sure they do a thorough job on the floors, cleaning up any messes that were left behind from the day. Giving the tile a good scrubbing will make the place sparkle.

Car Service Area

Proper cleaning of your service bays requires a different approach and is also something we offer. Our cleaning team will scrub your service lane floors and repair bays in order to remove grease and other debris. Not only does this keep your service bays looking great, it also helps to minimize the chance for slip and fall injuries

Click here to learn more about our car dealership cleaning service.

We would be delighted to care for your entire car dealership and make your customers and staff happy! Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and schedule your janitorial cleaning appointment today!

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