How do you clean a nursing home properly? What about a nursing home room? Are there special cleaning procedures to consider to keep your nursing facility in top condition while providing your patients with a clean, safe environment? And is it important to be more diligent when cleaning in a nursing home as compared to other types of business workspaces and situations? Let’s discuss the answers to these nursing home cleaning questions below.

How to Clean a Nursing Home & Nursing Home Room

Nursing Home Cleaning Procedures

Nursing home environments and assisted living facilities need to address overall cleanliness with particular methods and procedures to make sure they clean to the highest of standards. These types of healthcare facilities will receive a lot of healthcare personnel and patient traffic throughout the day. They can harbor a variety of germs, bacteria, and viruses, as well. Taking measures to fight these contaminants while keeping the space clean as well as safe, are all significant factors in developing a set of regular cleaning procedures for a nursing home.

As noted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a seven-step routine should be in place as a starting point for cleaning and disinfecting a nursing home on a regular basis. This list includes: emptying trash receptacles, disinfecting horizontal surfaces, spot cleaning walls, mopping floors, and cleaning and sanitizing the restrooms. Adding to this lineup of cleaning tasks, any trash found on floors or tables should be picked up, and frequently-touched surfaces need to be regularly wiped down like door handles, bed rails, and chairs arms. These areas should be taken care of with a specific cleaning solution to make sure the surfaces are thoroughly disinfected from germs and contaminants that could harm people.

How To Properly Clean A Nursing Home Patient Room

Taking into consideration that these types of healthcare facilities are very busy and can also harbor germs and virus contaminants easily, proper cleaning of each patient room needs to be addressed. First of all, certain specific solutions need to be used in order to kill and disinfect surfaces, not just reduce their numbers or clean a surface by appearance. Secondly, cleaning needs to be done from a checklist so nothing is missed when cleaning takes place. Third, supplies like water, mops, and rags should be rotated out regularly and often to assure the cleaning tools aren’t spreading germs around.

Working in electrostatic cleaning can be an excellent way to finalize an overall nursing home patient room cleaning. Electrostatic cleaning is the perfect way to make sure all surfaces, tight places, and hard to reach spaces are free of contaminants. It will take care of the disinfecting of vulnerable areas in a healthcare space like this so everyone can rest at ease.

Cleaning Schedule For A Nursing Home

What does “on a regular basis” mean when it comes to scheduling and carrying out cleaning procedures in nursing homes and assisted living facilities? We are talking about a few different timelines to carry out the necessary cleaning. Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly.

Many areas should be addressed daily and hourly when it comes time to cleaning for health and safety. For example, the locations we listed above like flat surfaces and other places that are touched often throughout the day, should be cleaned frequently each day. Whereas vacuuming and some floor spaces can be done daily or weekly depending on the location and amount of foot traffic over this surface.

To address a viral or bacterial outbreak, more cleaning could be necessary on a daily basis. Items like window coverings, lighting, and ceiling fans can be worked in on a weekly or monthly basis as you see fit.

Training for Nursing Home Cleaning Personnel

In order to clean a nursing home or assisted living residence well, one must be trained and educated on what solutions to use, how to apply them safely and effectively so they kill germs properly, and the process and stages of what to clean and when. Keeping a cleaning crew informed on such processes and procedures will help ensure that the cleaning and disinfecting will be carried out well. Safety and health are what we are all aiming for when cleaning, but in these heath environments, germs can be tougher to clean. With the right systems and techniques, it can be done.

Your Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

When it’s time to bring in some help to keep your nursing home or assisted living residence clean and sanitized on a regular basis, look to a professional cleaning team to make sure it’s done properly. Turn to the trained and educated experts when you want your critical disinfecting and cleaning done right, including your patient rooms, restrooms, office spaces, and break rooms. Click here to discover more about our cleaning team and services.

We also have a great resource for you when you are ready to move forward and bring in a commercial cleaning crew for your business that explains why we could be just the right fit for your cleaning needs. Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured, and maintains OSHA compliance. We would be happy to clean your healthcare and nursing home environment for you! Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and to schedule your janitorial cleaning appointment today!

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