Properly maintaining clean office and workplace carpets can feel like a big undertaking. However, keeping carpets routinely clean can help preserve both their look and integrity. It’s also critical to ensure your workplace carpets are cleaned correctly as incorrect cleaning processes can damage your carpets. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the dos and don’ts of cleaning carpeted workplace floors.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Following a few steps to properly clean your workplace carpets can prolong the life of your flooring and enhance the appearance of your work environment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Don’ts

  • Don’t…Rub Stains It’s vital to be careful when removing carpet stains to prevent damage and further embed dirt into the carpet. Rubbing stains can drive them into the fibers and make it more difficult to thoroughly clean the carpets. Using specific stain removers properly before steam cleaning carpet fibers will significantly improve stain removal.
  • Don’t…Clean Without Vacuuming Vacuuming your carpeted areas well before steam cleaning your office carpets is essential to picking up all the dirt and debris. A steam cleaner is not designed to pick up hair and particles like a vacuum can.
  • Don’t…Use the Wrong Cleaning Solutions Dish soap and laundry detergent should not be used to clean carpets. Not only will these types of cleaners cause problems with the carpet cleaning machine, but they will also turn the carpets into a mess. Carpet cleaning solutions are specifically designed to properly clean carpets without excessive foaming or leaving a residue on the fiber’s surface.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dos

  • Do…Clean Carpets Regularly Having workplace floors cleaned regularly will extend the life of your carpets. They will look good longer, prevent wear and tear, and withstand foot traffic longer. How often your carpets should be cleaned will depend on how active the workplace is.
  • Do…Treat Stains Don’t wait to clean stains when the entire carpet is cleaned. Spot cleaning and providing floor coverings can help prevent stains from taking hold.
  • Do…Wait to Put Back Furniture Furniture shouldn’t be moved back into place too soon. Wood, metal, and fabric furniture can become damaged if placed on wet carpet. It can also dent the carpet fibers and prevent them from bouncing back, causing early wear to the fibers.

Precautions to Take When Cleaning Workplace Carpets

Using proper equipment, cleaning solutions, and cleaning processes will provide a clean carpeted space without damaging the fibers or over-wetting the surface. Supplying fresh air or ventilation can help the carpet dry quickly and prevent moisture from lingering on the fibers.

How to Get the Best Results when Cleaning Workplace Carpets

Following the guidelines above can help avoid issues when cleaning carpets at your business. Providing a debris-free surface to start with will give the best clean from a steam or shampooing carpet machine.

In general, steam cleaning is usually the best method for cleaning office carpets. This type of cleaning will successfully eliminate dust, allergens, and bacteria that can cover carpet surfaces. Steam cleaning doesn’t use a cleaning solution in the main process, which can leave a residue behind. The process of steam cleaning also uses less water, which in turn means a shorter drying time and a business that can get back to work quickly.

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The easiest way to keep your workplace carpets clean on a regular basis is to hire a professional team to do so. Let us do the cleaning work for you – either on a regular schedule or for your one-time cleans. Learn more about the carpet and floor care services we can help you with.

Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured, and maintains OSHA compliance. We are happy to clean most any work environment. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your cleaning questions and to schedule your personalized carpet cleaning estimate today!

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