A veterinary clinic needs to be both clean and organized. Bringing excellent care and service to your clients and their pets requires a sanitary vet clinic environment. From the lobby and restrooms, to the offices, exam rooms, and surgery and boarding areas, there are easily 5 benefits to maintaining a clean veterinary clinic.

5 Positive Effects from Regular Cleaning of your Veterinary Clinic

  1. Clinic Hygiene At the top of the list for cleaning your vet clinic is proper sanitation practices. A veterinary clinic sees both healthy and ill animal patients daily. Providing a sanitary environment for their visit can prevent germs from spreading. It’s also vital for human staff members to work in a hygienic space that contributes to good public health.
  2. Increased Productivity Your vet clinic staff can find supplies quickly when the clinic is clean and organized. Working in a clean location will prevent illness that can otherwise keep workers at home, or pass from animal to animal. Plus, a well-kempt environment raises morale, allowing for more productivity and engagement.
  3. Pet and Human Safety Dirty floors and exam tables, stacks of boxes, and inappropriately-stored chemicals or medicines can cause tripping and slipping hazards. Blocking exits and creating obstacles can be a safety risk that’s easily avoidable.
  4. Professional Appearance Offering a clean and orderly veterinary clinic encourages more clients, good reviews, and happy pet owner. Nothing beats a good-looking veterinary center.
  5. Reduced Smells Let’s face it, a veterinary clinic can be prone to strong odors and smells. It comes with caring for animals. But thorough, routine cleanings will minimize those animal odors.

Other Vet Clinic Areas to Clean as Needed

Everything needs to be cleaned in a veterinary animal clinic, but not everything needs to be addressed on the same schedule. Restrooms, lobbies, and kitchen or break room areas should be cleaned daily or a number of times a week. Boarding areas, exam rooms, and surgery areas should be addressed as they are used. Daily or more often, if needed.

Outside areas, grooming sections, and storage areas should be worked into the cleaning routine as well. The schedule for addressing less used areas can vary based on necessity.

Floors, high-touch areas, and eating areas should also be regularly disinfected and sanitized to avoid spreading contaminants. Fogging disinfecting can be a beneficial option to provide disinfecting in tight spaces, healthcare environments, and places that are hard to reach.

Proper Veterinary Clinic Exam Room Cleaning

Cleaning a veterinary exam room should take place after the visit of each client and pet. Use a disinfecting solution to kill pathogens on the table surfaces, scales, and seating areas by wiping all of these areas well. If the surface is shiny, it can be polished afterwards.

The floors and walls should be reviewed for any animal debris or accidents that might have happened. They can be approached with proper sanitizing products and spot cleaning.

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The easiest way to maintain a clean veterinary clinic is to hire a professional team to clean. Let us do the cleaning work for you – either on a regular schedule or for your one-time cleans. Learn more about the janitorial services we can help you with.

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