We’ve talked about cleaning windows for your business in the past. We’ve discussed why it’s important to have clean windows as it will help encourage more business and happy clientele. Guests, clients, as well as employees feel better when an office sparkles, including through its windows. We’ve talked about the importance of cleaning your windows at different times of the year as well.  But now, we would like to focus on the forgotten time of year when clean windows often fall to the bottom of the cleaning list– Winter!

Winter Window Cleaning for your Business

Dirty Winter Windows

Winter is the time of year when windows might actually become grubbier than any other time of the year. Window cleaning shouldn’t be forgotten or put off until it’s warmer. We know, it’s cold out and probably snowy, but this is exactly why your windows need to be addressed.

During the chilly winter season, dirt will happily settle on your glassy panes, doors and ledges around your windows. It will slowly build up into a gross mess that should definitely be addressed before it gets out of hand. It’s often surprising to discover how dirty windows actually are once they get a good cleaning and you can see clearly again! With repeated winter storms, and with periodic melting and blowing winds carrying dirt around this time of year, it’s best to clean those windows now and not put it off.

Clean Again

By cleaning your windows with extra warm water and special cleaning products, your windows will come sparkling clean both inside and out! Focusing on gleaming windows while also remembering to catch the frames, handles, ledges around windows and doors, will provide a thorough overall cleaning for your office environment.

Even if you are on a high rise building, looking out of your business windows can and should be a pleasant experience year round. Essential to the appearance of a professional business is a great, overall clean workspace and winter time is no exception to this.

Sustaining a clean work environment includes clean, sparkling windows for your office space. Clean windows provides a great view and a shiny presence for everyone to enjoy from your staff, vendors and the most important ” your clientele. These are the people who truly appreciate a pleasant environment to shop, work or visit you in.

Experienced Window Pros

Ideally, you can hire trained cleaning personnel to address and stay on top of your window cleaning to ensure proper execution with adherence to both safety and skill.

The perfect way to stay on top of your window cleaning schedule and keep them looking good is to hire a professional cleaning crew that is specially trained at doign exactly that. The cleaning staff should be educated on any special needs, procedures, and requirements that are involved while cleaning in your office environment and in any safety measures to meet while cleaning your office windows. We at Clean Method provide this type of professional cleaning service.

Along with our familiarity with all areas of window cleaning, our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured and maintains OSHA compliance. We would love to care for your window cleaning to bring your windows up to a sparkling appearance. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and schedule your window cleaning appointment today!

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