Restaurant cleaning is more than just wiping down tables and vacuuming the floors. Proper restaurant cleaning is crucial to running a successful food service business. Cleaning procedures affect the health and safety of your customers and staff, and contribute significantly to the reputation and profitability of your restaurant. Let’s explore the importance of restaurant cleaning, the best practices and standards, and what to clean weekly in a restaurant.

Weekly Restaurant Cleaning Tasks

Keeping your restaurant clean is not only a matter of being hygienic and having a professional appearance, but paying attention to business compliance, food safety, and delivering customer satisfaction. We want to discuss the areas to focus on when cleaning your restaurant weekly.

  1. Kitchens All parts of your restaurant’s kitchen(s) should be cleaned daily, but also deep cleaned weekly. Floors, sinks, countertops, and even walls should be well-disinfected once a week. Refrigerators and freezers should be reviewed and cleaned weekly. Don’t forget about scrubbing and disinfecting anti-fatigue mats, and evaluating drains for any clogs or slowdowns every week, too.
  2. Restrooms While daily sanitizing of all the restaurant restroom surfaces and fixtures is important to proper hygiene practices, weekly cleaning can involve upkeep tasks like refiling paper products, soaps and sanitizers, baseboard cleaning, flooring edges, and grout cleaning.
  3. Entrance and Common Areas Restaurant entrances get a lot of traffic each day, so to maintain the cleanliness of these spaces, you need to perform cleaning activities like vacuuming, trash and debris pick up, and removing window and door smudges. Weekly cleaning in your restaurant entrances can get more involved with tasks like floor mat cleaning (and even replacing with clean rugs), more in-depth floor disinfecting, dusting, and polishing.
  4. Dining and Bar Areas Weekly cleaning of these locations in your restaurant will involve tasks like dusting and disinfecting tables and chairs – including the legs – plus booster seats and high chairs. Windows and ledges should be thoroughly cleaned as well as bar surfaces and areas including ice bins and bar backs, shelves, cabinets, and condiment bins.
  5. Storage Spaces Restaurant shelving, and food and storage supply areas should be reviewed at least weekly to ensure inventory and freshness, and avoid clutter. Cleaning and sanitizing shelves, racks, and bins is essential to spot leaks and spills, and avoid pests or damage. 
  6. Offices Weekly cleaning in restaurant offices can help keep these spots organized, sanitary, and accessible for working. Furniture should be dusted, floors vacuumed and mopped, and high-touch areas should be disinfected weekly.
  7. Floors Floors in every area of your restaurant should be addressed and cleaned as least weekly. Tile and other hard floor surfaces could use a cleaning machine or scrubbing device to enhance the floor’s appearance. Carpeting can be vacuumed more thoroughly including edges, by moving tables, and addressing stains or spills.
  8. Disinfecting Electrostatic cleaning in a restaurant is an excellent way to safely finalize weekly cleanings so you can eliminate dangerous pathogens and germs on all the area surfaces, including difficult-to-reach spaces. It is often used in food service locations to address cross-contamination like only this cleaning process can.

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