Any type of transit station is going to be a constantly high-trafficked area. Airports, and train and bus stations require cleaning on a consistent, continual basis. With large spaces like transit and travel stations that move large amounts of people and equipment in and out every day, staying on top of the clean-up keeps your transit facility an inviting and easy-to-use space for visitors and staff alike. Let’s look at 4 areas to clean in a transit station so you can make sure you’re got the cleaning essentials covered.

Cleaning Transit Stations

Transit Station Restrooms

Restrooms receive vast amounts of use on any given day in these types of environments. In a way, more than many other types of businesses and facilities. The reason being, the large amounts of travelers who will be in the restrooms while cleaning teams are also servicing these areas in order to keep up with the cleaning and restocking demands. This type of overlap of cleaning staff with travelers should be expected in transit centers. Restroom patrons will be dashing around in a hurry to get to their bus, plane, or train. These types of circumstances might leave restrooms extra messy. When cleaning your transit station bathrooms, your cleaning team needs to stay aware of this fact and plan their clean processes accordingly. For example: staying on top of trash cans and emptying them often, as well as picking up floors and wiping flat surfaces to keep these areas dry, tidy, and free of debris.

Transit Station Waiting Areas

Many of us love to travel. But travel goes hand-in-hand with waiting. And waiting areas in airports, and bus and trains stations can get messy. Travelers will be eating and drinking, talking on the phone, and probably even napping. In these situations, food debris, dirt, and trash will inevitably be left behind. Cleaning crews need to pay special attention to these areas to keep them looking their best. Keeping these areas clean not only helps create a happy atmosphere, but it will also help prolong the good conditions of the travel facility, keeping furniture, fixtures and carpets looking better longer.

Tidy, Not Trash-y

An important cleaning task for airports, and bus and train stations is: trash. People drop things and forget things. A cleaning crew needs to be on continuous circulation throughout your transit center because of this. They can do this by conducting a repeating sweep for trash in walking areas, restaurant eating areas, and ticket areas, just to name a few. Picking up trash on floors, tables, and seating areas while also emptying trash bins in this vast, but crowded space, is important to keeping an airport, bus, and train station pleasant. Again, with large, highly-trafficked areas like a transit station, messes will be made. Staying on top of them is the best option to keep your facility looking its best.

Carpets and Windows

While carpets should be vacuumed on a daily basis – and more often in higher traffic areas of your airport, or bus or train station – the carpets and windows might not need to be cleaned every day. A rotation schedule is probably best for these areas. For example, you can work from one side of the airport, or bus or train station, to the other, cleaning and shining windows throughout the week. And you can follow the same process when shampooing carpets. At the same time, touch ups in these areas should be regularly monitored to clean up obvious messes in between your rotation schedule.

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Hire a Cleaning Crew for your Transit Station

The best way to keep your airport, or bus or train station looking its best is to hire a professional cleaning team to come in on a regular basis. The cleaning staff should be educated on any special sanitizing needs, procedures, and requirements that are involved with having a presence in a transit station environment. We at Clean Method provide this type of professional cleaning service.

Click here to learn more about our cleaning services for your airport, bus or train station. Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured and maintains OSHA compliance. We would be happy to clean for you and your travelers. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and to schedule your janitorial cleaning appointment today!

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