Business owners typically purchase office furniture with the intention that it lasts for a long time and withstands a lot of use. Additionally, they probably have that furniture cleaned from time to time to keep it looking its best and remove any stains that have popped up. But what about removing odor from those office couches? Moisture buildup in an office can cause a musty odor in furniture. Storing furniture can also produce an unpleasant smell in the fabric. Smoke can linger in furniture fabric and cause an offensive scent. And, of course, strong food odors can be captured in your office furniture, too. There are a number of reasons your office couches and other office furniture can gain an odor, so how do you remove it? Let’s take a look.

Eliminating Odors From your Office Couches and Other Furniture

Here are 7 ways to eliminate odors from office furniture.

  1. Washing Fabric If your office furniture has removable covers from the cushions and pillows, removing them and washing or dry cleaning them will freshen up the fabric quickly.
  2. Cleaning Fabric Couch and chair fabrics that are not removable can be cleaned in place. A carpet cleaner with a furniture wand can distribute fabric cleaner with warm or cool water. This can be left in place for a brief time and removed with the same tool.
  3. Fresh Air Simply taking office furniture outdoors for a set period of time can do wonders to revive office furniture. Furniture should be kept in a safe place, out of the way of people, and away from animals and moisture like rain or sprinklers. If your office furniture has removable and washable covers, the remaining part of the cushions could also be refreshed outdoors.
  4. Freshening Spray Some furniture and fabrics cannot be wet cleaned or taken outside; an odor-removing spray can be beneficial to removing any lingering smells.
  5. Vinegar and Baking Soda While these formulas should be used cautiously on particular fabrics, they can be helpful to clean certain cloth fibers. Sprinkling or spraying a diluted amount and waiting a specified amount of time before vacuuming can be advantageous. It can be more useful when combined with fresh air and again should be tested to assure usage doesn’t damage the furniture.
  6. Professional Deep Cleaning This might be the best option when your office furniture is difficult to clean. A commercial cleaning expert will have advice and unique formulas for cleaning certain fabrics.
  7. Wood Furniture Airing out wood furniture in the fresh air could effectively revive a wooden credenza, bookshelf, chair, or table. At the same time, wiping down the surface with things like vinegar water, hydrogen peroxide or a lemon-based solution can help eliminate odors that have penetrated the wood. It’s important to note, these formulas can dry out wood if used repeatedly. But polishing with a pleasant-smelling oil can also improve the furniture’s condition and aroma.

When office furniture is dampened in the cleaning process, to assure it dries well and doesn’t obtain new smells, it should be thoroughly dried in a well-ventilated space.

Freshen Up Your Office Furniture

To keep office furniture smelling nice over the long term, cleaning should be scheduled as a routine activity. For example, align your office furniture cleanings with your office carpet cleanings.

Preventing or quickly cleaning up spills and stains will also keep furniture from acquiring a smell and lasting longer. And, discouraging poor storage or location will help curb unpleasant smells that can linger in fabric and wood alike.

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