Cleaning a data center and cleanroom requires a specialized process and delicate hand to make sure the sensitive equipment and facility is treated with the utmost care. When cleaning a data center, it’s important to be thorough while also protecting the equipment and surfaces with gentle cleaning methods. Our commercial cleaning team has been trained to take the necessary measures to ensure your data center space is cleaned well without interfering with the systems and equipment. We also use mild, non-residue cleaning products for this type of facility. With that in mind, here is our advice for how to clean your data center.

Cleaning Data Center Floors

Cleaning and dusting the floors in your cleanroom are at the top of the list for proper data center cleaning. The flooring can be made of a sensitive material in and of itself, designed to reduce static among the equipment that sits on it and people walking on it. Taking the time to carefully clean, dust, and remove any debris is essential to keeping this cleanroom space protected against environmental hazards.

The ventilated floor system is also an important feature that’s required for proper ventilation of your data center clean room. You will need to dismantle tiles, lift tiles, or remove these pieces before you vacuum and wipe the surfaces with a non-residue cleaner.

You might also consider cleaning, buffing, stripping, and sealing for your floors as necessary.

Data Center Hardware and Equipment Cleaning

Cleaning data center equipment is a specialized process, and our teams have been specially-trained to observe particular cleaning methods designed to work in sensitive environments like this. Taking care to remove dirt and dust with HEPA-rated vacuums that remove even the smallest particles helps ensure dust reaches the collection area and not spread back around the room.

Particular cleaning products and procedures are also required for data center hardware and equipment cleaning. We uphold these processes to ensure your data center is treated with the great care that is necessary to avoid any sort of contamination or spread of particulates, or risk anything pertaining to the operation of the data center equipment.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces in your Data Center

Whether you have cages, fencing, or glass walls, careful precautions will be taken to vacuum and wipe these areas down. We take the same approach with cabinets, doors, trays, wall and light fixtures, desks, and furniture. Everything will be handled with care and wiped down with a non-residue type cleaner.

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Let the Cleaning Pros Help You with your Data Center

The easy way to help keep your data center dust- and debris-free is to hire a professional cleaning team to come and do the work. The cleaning staff should be educated on any special sanitizing needs, procedures, and requirements that are involved with having a presence in your data center rooms.

We at Clean Method provide this type of professional cleaning service. Click to learn more about our cleaning services for all your workplace needs. Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured and maintains OSHA compliance. We would be happy to clean for you. Please contact us online or call us at 571.451.0441 for answers to your questions and to schedule your janitorial cleaning appointment today!

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