Are the desk chairs in your office looking worn out? Many people think they need a new desk chair when they actually just need to give their current chair a good deep cleaning. We have talked about cleaning your mesh office chair and removing any odors your desk chair might have accumulated. Now we’re sharing how to clean office chair arms.

How to Clean Office Chair Arms

A fabric office chair can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime, especially on the arms of the chair. Office chairs get a lot of daily use and can certainly collect stains and oils, making your chair arms start to look shabby. But a thorough cleaning will help brighten up your chair arms and convince you it’s worth it to keep your current office chairs instead of buying new ones.

Steps to Clean Office Chair Fabric

If your office chair is covered in fabric, you have a few options to effectively clean the chair arms and bring them back to life.

    1. Start by vacuuming the chair arms. If you do not have access to a vacuum, brushing them with a rag can help remove debris. A fabric lint roller or tape wrapped around your hand is also fantastic to remove fuzzy bits and hair.
    2. If your chair’s fabric is looking stained or just dirty all over, a fabric cleaner or a mild soap and water mix can be the perfect dirt or stain remover. Gently apply the cleaner or soap solution with a soft bristle brush – like a toothbrush – and work it into the fabric. Use a damp rag to remove the solution and repeat as necessary. Note: Most office chair fabric is made of sturdy material. However, the fabric might be more delicate, so skipping the brushing in favor of a soft cloth may be necessary.
    3. Drying the arms on your office chair will help prevent moisture damage and any odors from developing. Either use another dry towel to soak up any water or dampness, or try a hair dryer. Letting the chair air dry overnight will finalize the cleaning process and should give your office chair nice-looking arms again.

How to Clean Vinyl Upholstery on your Office Chair

If your office chair has a vinyl upholstery covering instead of fabric, you will need to approach the cleaning a little differently.

  1. Start by wiping down your chair’s vinyl upholstery arms with a soft rag and cleaner designed specifically for vinyl. Harsher chemicals in window cleaners or household cleaners can damage the surface of the vinyl. You can see colors start to change or even the surface can start to wear with harsh chemical use.
  2. A soft brush can be used if dirt has accumulated in the cracks and seams. Wipe with a soft, damp cloth and again with vinyl cleaner as necessary.
  3. Dry the surface well. Allow for any seams to dry thoroughly.
  4. Apply a vinyl conditioner and protectant to keep your office chair arms looking great and repelling dirt.

Depending on the nature of your business and workplace, your office chair might require a couple of cleanings throughout the year to keep it looking its best. And the chair arms might need cleaning more often than the rest of your chair depending on use and wear.

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