Is your mesh office chair dirty and ready for a thorough cleaning? Dust and grime can certainly build up in a mesh office chair, giving it an unsightly look. Your chair might even start getting smelly and need some freshening up. Let’s talk about how to clean a mesh office chair.

How to Clean a Mesh Office Chair

Give your office chair a quick review to see what types of fabric and materials it’s made of. A mesh office chair will be probably made of a fabric back and seat. If the chair has any arms, they could be made of vinyl or leather, and the legs could be made of metal or wood. These types of materials need to be considered when working with cleaning solutions and the application of these products; review products designed specifically for cleaning these types of materials. Fabric cleaners, wood and metal polishes, and mild soaps are all great options for cleaning your mesh office chair. Soft clothes, towels, and soft toothbrushes along with a bucket of warm or cool water are all the supplies you should need to clean your office chair. However, if you have a vacuum available, this can be handy as well to first remove any dust or dirt from the surface of your chair. A steam cleaner might also be useful depending on the fabric used on the chair.

3 Steps for Cleaning Mesh Office Chairs

  1. Soapy Water. Once you have dusted your office chair with a vacuum or even a simple rag wiping, review your chair for any stains or soil. If you have a steam cleaner, use the wand to apply your fabric cleaning solution with water and steam clean the fabric areas of your chair. If you do not have a steam cleaner, gently apply soapy water or a fabric cleaner to any stained areas. Follow the direction on the bottle. Gently blot or wipe the stained areas on your chair. You might need to repeat this part of the cleaning process a few times to get it as clean as possible. And if the fabric is durable, a toothbrush can help lightly scrub the dirty areas. Wipe the remaining fabric, mesh, wood, plastic, and metal areas of your chair as gently but thoroughly as possible to eliminate any last bits of dirt, dust, and grime. We always stress working gently on mesh and fabric to avoid damaging your surfaces or any materials you need to clean.
  2. Dry Your Chair. Any fabric portion of your chair will need some time to dry. At least overnight. However, the other areas of your office chair should be towel dried so the moisture doesn’t cause damage or leave water marks.
  3. Polish. Once dry, you can spruce up your chair with some wood, metal, or vinyl polish or cleaner to really make it look like new.

How to Clean Office Chair Smells

If your office chair smells musty or just plain dirty, cleaning it as described above should go a long way to make it smell fresh again. If you still smell some odor after a thorough cleaning, setting your chair outside in the sun for the day can help.

You can also try products like specific fabric odor eliminators and then letting your mesh chair air out. The chemistry of these products helps certain concentrations of the solution to bind with odor molecules to help release them from the fabrics.

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