If you work in a medical office, you know that it needs to be exceptionally clean. That means your medical office should be cleaned regularly and on a recurring schedule. But, what does that mean? How often should a medical office be cleaned?

How Often Should a Medical Office be Cleaned?

A medical office will be a high-traffic area with many germs being carried in by patients as well as staff. People with illnesses will visit and stay for a bit, and exposure to germs is unavoidable. However, keeping the spaces within your medical office as clean as possible will help deter the spread of contagions and illnesses and help to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Medical offices should be cleaned on a regular basis set out by the CDC designed to address offices of certain levels of contamination, vulnerability, and level of exposure.

These three elements combine to determine low, moderate, and high risk—more frequent and rigorous (with a different method or process) environmental cleaning is required in areas with high risk.

Depending on the type of medical office you have, cleaning can be allocated by susceptibility to patient and staff risks. In the case of a viral outbreak, your risk level may temporarily change.

Most likely, many areas of your medical office should be cleaned throughout the entire day. For example:

  • Patient Exam Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Lobby and Waiting Rooms

Areas of your medical office that can be cleaned less often either at the end of the day or even on a lighter schedule could be:

  • Staff Offices
  • Kitchens and Break rooms
  • Meeting Rooms

Why Cleanliness is Important in a Medical Office

Many illnesses and germs can be serious and severe. Keeping these contagions from spreading is one of the top reasons it’s important for a medical office to be kept clean. Plus, no medical office should be dusty, dirty, or grimy. Heavily used or touched surfaces are one of the top places infections can spread to others if not cleaned frequently.

Highly touched surfaces include door handles, arms of chairs, exam tables, exam desks, and cabinets. These are the most vulnerable areas to spreading germs and pathogens to other people who touch these surfaces.

How Do You Keep a Medical Office Clean?

Sticking to a daily cleaning schedule is essential to keeping a medical office clean and disinfected. Either one person should be assigned to a cleaning schedule during the day or dedicated cleaning staff should be hired.

A cleaning plan and task list should be drawn up and adhered to on a strict basis. Consider implementing it as a checklist to confirm the cleaning procedures were done.

Training is another important aspect of medical office cleaning. Each area of a medical office should be cleaned or disinfected with proper cleaning solutions and disposable cleaning cloths. Appropriate disposal procedures need to be complied with to ensure sanitary medical office conditions.

The cleanliness of a medical office also portrays the professionalism and competence of a doctor’s office. Patients expect sanitary conditions when they walk in and when they are being seen in an exam room. Also, medical staff count on working in a location that takes health and safety seriously.

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