Let’s face it – nobody wants to see pests of any kind in their office break room. Dealing with pests in your kitchen and eating areas at work is one more distraction interfering in your work day. Plus, it can leave your employees feeling like you as the business owner aren’t taking proper care of the workplace. The good news is that it isn’t hard work to keep those pests at bay. Let’s break down a few of the easiest ways to keep pests out of your break room.

How to Keep Pests Out of your Break Room

A consistently-clean break room is much less likely to have pests like bugs or rodents in it. Your office break room can get a lot of traffic during the day and should get an equal amount of attention to keep it clean. Whether you have a hired team that comes in to clean once a day or during the week, the people using the break room kitchen and eating spaces in your office should also take a moment to clean up after each use.

  1. Crumbs Wiping up crumbs after making a snack or meal is essential to keeping pests out of your break room. Crumbs can be quite appealing to pests. Supplying clean wipes or cleaning rags for staff will encourage wiping up food crumbs.

  2. Spills Like crumbs, spills will provide an appetizing scent and treat for pests like bugs or rodents. If spills and moisture aren’t cleaned up quickly and thoroughly, they can quickly attract unpleasant pests.

  3. Clutter Insects and other crawling critters can hide behind debris and clutter in your break room. This should be picked up and organized. Old boxes or cartons of dry goods and food should be tossed on a regular basis to keep this area from getting unsightly and attractive to pests.

  4. Food Whether old or not, food left out can be a delicious meal for pests. Food should be wrapped in airtight containers as necessary and put in the fridge as needed. Old food should be tossed often to prevent the break room and office in general from developing odors.

  5. Trash Waste bins and debris should be tossed daily. Trash in your kitchen and office break rooms should not be left to build up and begin to smell. Stinky trash bins are a perfect location for pests to reside. Removing this is one of the easiest ways to help keep pests out.

If you have Lingering Pest Problems in your Work Break Room

Keeping on top of your break room or office kitchen cleaning is going to be one of the best ways to avoid having pests visit your eating areas. When pests have nothing to eat or places to hide, they won’t be attracted to these areas. Don’t forget to place coffee pot cleaning and other break room appliance cleaning on a regular schedule.

If you find you are still having some lingering pest issues, safely treating your space with insect sprays or traps can keep the stragglers under control. Bigger pest issues should be treated by professional pest control companies that specialize in this. The pest control pros will provide the treatments on a regular basis. They can also advise on the chemicals or traps used in a food and eating environment.

Whatever you do, keeping your break room, workplace kitchen, and staff eating areas clean is always a must to keep pests out and provide a nice place to have lunch.

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